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7 Ways to Wear Sequins Without Looking Tacky AF

It's not as hard as you'd think!
STYLECASTER | Sequin outfits
Kristen Bousquet. Designer: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Back in the day, my mom used to dress me up in blinged-out sequin dresses, because how cute is a toddler in sequins at Christmas? But that was then, and sequins are a little bit harder to pull off as an adult now. I’ll admit: I very sparingly wear sequin outfits—and only ever around the holidays.

But with all the great sequin options out there, I will admit that I am constantly tempted to figure out a way to incorporate the flashy sequin trend into my adult wardrobe (while still managing to look like I can hold down a real job and whatnot). You see, people, sequins are fun. They’re a great way to dress up any look or make a mundane Tuesday at the office a little bit more exciting.

But then the other half of me argues that many sequin pieces out there are tacky as hell—and usually because of the way they’re styled. There’s a fine line between chic as hell and walk of shame. But I am willing to believe that you can pull off wearing sequins if you style it right.

Because holiday season or not, I see no reason why sequins can’t be incorporated into what you’re wearing to work, on a date, out to run earrnds, or really anything else you do. So I’ve set out to prove to you (and myself) that sequins are no different than a funky pattern on your sweater or a cool texture on a pair of pants.

Let’s see how I did.

Jacket: Lulus | Top: Lulus | Scarf: Lulus | Jeans: writer’s own | Boots: writer’s own

Let’s start off sweet and simple. If you’re planning on rocking sequins anytime soon, chances are a jacket will be needed—especially if you live in the North East. With snow and sleet and all the in-between, sequins can give you the motivation you need on a dark, winter morning to get dressed and take on your day.

A simple sequin top paired with your favorite jeans can do the trick. Layer on your winter outerwear and accessories, and it’s really no different than putting on any other shirt.

Pants: Lulus | Top: Lulus | Bag: Valfre | Shoes: writer’s own

Take your sequin look to the next level by grabbing a pair of sequin pants. With pants decked out in sequins, it can be easy to look tacky, so make sure to grab a pair that isn’t too close a fit to your thighs. It can take the look from laid-back but fancy AF to look at my ass and thighs in an instant.

Cardigan: Heartloom | Dress: Lulus | Belt: Lulus | Hat: writer’s own | Shoes: Steve Madden

If you have a sequin dress that you are dying to wear but can’t seem to find somewhere fancy enough to wear it, the best solution is to get rid of some of the sequins. Whether that means layering a cardigan over top or tossing on a tee over the dress and tying it at your waist. The less sequins, the more appropriate for daytime or early evening, casual events.

Sweater: writer’s own | Skirt: Lulus | Bag: Lulus | Shoes: Steve Madden

When it’s finally time to head somewhere exciting, you can totally get a bit more out-there with your sequin looks. Try picking up a skirt that has more than sequins going on, like this one with the tasseled bottom. Instead of pairing it with a skimpy top, throw on your favorite sweater, and not only will you be cozy AF, you’ll still look incredibly festive and exciting.

Jacket: Zara | Top: Lulus | Pants: JNSQ | Shoes: Steve Madden | Hat: Lack of Color | Bag: Hozen

For your every day, running-errands, sequin outfit, look no further than this combination. Keeping the color scheme minimal is one way to make sure you’re not dipping into the land of tackiness, if you ask me. I paired this silver sequin top with all black and white pieces so that the outfit wasn’t too loud (said the girl wearing striped overalls *shrugs shoulders*).

Skirt: JNSQ | Sweater: JNSQ | Jacket: writer’s own | Belt: writer’s own | Shoes: writer’s own | Earrings: Laser Kitten | Hat: Olive + Pepper

With the bold pop of orange in the sweater, this look would be ideal for a nighttime get-together. Whether that’s grabbing drinks with your girls, meeting with a client at a fancy bar, or grabbing a solo dinner at the newest restaurant, when you want to look fancy AF, this should be your go-to look. The addition of professional touches—like the jacket draped over the shoulders—and a fun hat really helps this look stray away from looking tacky AF.

Blazer: Banana Republic | Pants: Banana Republic | Bodysuit: Lulus | Shoes: Steve Madden

Clearly, this look is made for when it’s truly time to party. Whether that’s your birthday party, your bachelorette, New Year’s Eve or any other celebration of YOU, you’re going to be the center of attention wearing this suit, so make sure the event matches up. Obviously, with a suit this eye-catching, keep the accessories minimal and neutral to avoid having too much going on.

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