What Your Moon Sign Says About You—And Your Emotions

What Your Moon Sign Says About You—And Your Emotions
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While it’s easy to skim through your daily horoscope on Snapchat (or Twitter, or IG) and go about your day, studying the other planets included in your birth chart can help you gain access to a wealth of knowledge about the more subtle aspects of your inner self. Today’s topic? Moon signs. Let’s take a deep dive into moon signs and how they impact your personality and your emotions—you’re guaranteed to learn something new about yourself along the way!

In spiritual traditions around the world, the moon holds deep significance and has been revered as a deity and a sacred astral body, making a frequent appearance in cultural stories and mythologies. This glowing “planet” (as she’s referred to in many astrological traditions) is often aligned with feminine energy, and is believed to have sway over our emotions and feelings. Even if you’re not a believer in astrology, you can still feel the influence of the moon, observing her phases throughout the month and her pull controlling the ebb and flow of the ocean. 

Moon signs are one of the main three signs that people who love astrology tend to talk about when discussing astrological placements (the other two being one’s sun sign and rising sign). Very generally, sun signs sum up what a person is like at their core and rising signs influence what other people think you’re like.

Your moon sign can best be summarized as what you’re like when you’re responding emotionally.

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It might be helpful to imagine your sun sign as the “whole” of you, with your rising sign being your outward appearance, and your moon sign being the innermost part of you. Though they’re sometimes rather hidden, our moon sign impacts how we react to things that are happening in the world around us, including things we’re thrilled about as well as circumstances that stress us out. 

Just as the moon reflects the bright light of the sun so that the moon looks like it’s shining in the darkness, our moon sign represents our possible emotional reactions to stimuli, instead of our physical actions in our environment. While your sun sign may affect the style you choose to wear, your moon sign affects how to react to losing your favorite sweater. Make sense?

While our reactions to the events life throws our way are majorly controlled by upbringing, culture and lived experience, our moon sign informs the subtler aspects of our emotional bodies. This means that learning our moon signs can give us food for thought in the context of self-discovery. Astrology isn’t a blueprint for exactly who you’ll become and what life you’ll live. Instead, it acts as a helpful launching point for understanding our experiences in a world that often seems random and frustrating.

By learning your moon sign—which can easily be done using tools like Costar or Cafe Astrology, or meeting with an astrologer—you have access to an incredible tool for introspection. Take the process slowly, and integrate knowledge at your own pace. 

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