7 Loungewear Trends For When You Just Can’t Buy Another Tie-Dye Sweatsuit

Bella Gerard
7 Loungewear Trends For When You Just Can’t Buy Another Tie-Dye Sweatsuit
Photo: Courtesy of LIVINCOOL. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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Am I the only one doing research on fall and winter fashion trends while fully aware that I won’t be wearing anything but sweatpants? It’s this reality that’s caused me to look into this season’s top loungewear trends, since if I plan on being cozy for the next few months, I might as well look cute. Anyone else?

If you thought there was no such thing as a loungewear “trend,” don’t make me recite the whole The Devil Wears Prada spiel in which Miranda Priestly lets Andy in on the trickle-down method through which high fashion influences, well, every single item of clothing we wear, comfy or not. If you need further proof, look no further than your Instagram Explore page, which I can almost guarantee is positively littered with rainbow tie-dye sweatsuits. If you didn’t buy one over the last few months, I both respect and simply don’t understand your level of self control, because I, for one, now own multiple. That said, I’m looking to give my loungewear a much-needed upgrade as we venture into fall.

So, what’s the new tie-dye sweatsuit? It could be any of the seven loungewear trends below, or a combination of a few of them. As far as colorways go, neutrals have officially replaced rainbow, camp-inspired prints, and tans, camels and caramels will rule. Silhouettes will vary, from sweat shorts to track pants to puff-sleeved crew necks and fitted zip-ups. One thing’s for sure: all the looks on this list are comfortable and chic, so really, you can’t go wrong.

STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of Mike Von/Unsplash.

Read on to shop this season’s top loungewear trends, and for the love of fashion, give that tie-dye set a break.

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1. Neutral Tones

Rainbow tie-dye has officially had its moment—monochromatic neutral sweatsuits are in. Tan tones are particularly popular, but any hue from cream to black will do the trick. Since the suits themselves tend to be more minimalist, feel free to pair them with bolder sneakers (or fluffy slippers, if you’re lounging), fun sunnies or jewelry to spice things up.

STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of OFFLINE/Aerie.

Aerie’s OFFLINE OTT Fleece Hoodie and matching Fleece Joggers come in six great colorways, but “Raw Sienna” is absolutely perfect for this year’s neutral trend.


2. Track Pants

Classic sweats still rule the loungewear world, and leggings and joggers are equally acceptable, but baggy track pants a la Sporty Spice are definitely the new cool-girl pick. Pair them with a track jacket and your freshest kicks to fully commit, or keep it simple up top with a tank, crew neck or sweater.

STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of Ireneisgood.

In a perfect world, I could wear the Ireneisgood Track Jacket and Track Pants every. single. day. Why would I even consider wearing anything else? 10/10 for me.


3. Low-Key Logos

Logomania has officially evolved, and having a great outfit is no longer about having a brand name plastered all over it (thank goodness, TBH). Instead, companies that go for more subtle methods of branding are winning favor—for example, any fashionista can spot a Pangaia sweatsuit based on the brand’s signature eco-friendly tagline, printed onto each and every piece.

STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of Pangaia.

Virtually all of Pangaia’s Track Pants are sold out at the moment, but you can still snag one of their Organic Cotton Cropped Hoodies and complete your matching set when the bottoms come back in stock.

4. Bike Shorts

Yes, the bike short trend is still alive and well, and honestly? I’m here for it. They’re comfortable, stretchy and cute, and the perfect pick for when you can’t be bothered to pull on full-length leggings (anyone else sometimes feel like this is a major task??). A fitted crop top in the same colorway or print takes the look from schleppy to stylish.

STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of Onzie.

Just as the bike shorts trend won’t die, neither will my love for animal print, and I know I’m not alone. Shop the Onzie Biker Short Shorts and matching Cami Belle Crop Top for a super cute fit you can mix and match with your sweatsuit staples.


5. Zip-Ups

Hoodies and crew necks are still trending, but y’all, let’s give it up for the return of the zip-up! TBH, this is the perfect piece to show off a cute little top paired with your sweatpants, without losing a comfy-cozy aesthetic. Just unzip and reveal! For a 2020-friendly take, opt for a fitted or cropped style instead of anything too baggy.

STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of Alala.

A classic gray sweatsuit is a loungewear must, and the Alala Rise Zip Up Sweater is honestly just as chic as any going-out top in my closet. Pair with a cute top or bralette underneath and the matching Wander Sweatpants .


6. Sweat Shorts

While I love a cozy pair of sweatpants as much as the next gal, I can’t help but notice how many people are opting for sweat shorts instead. Something about the proportions of a baggy sweatshirt and soft shorts just looks so cute, and feels so right! Of course, you can’t wear these babies out when the cold weather hits, but they’re still perfect for lounging around the house.

STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of LIVINCOOL.

Pair LIVINCOOL’s Embroidered Wavy Cropped Sweatshirt in dreamy “Sky Blue” with the matching Essential Shorts for the ultimate chic loungewear set.


7. Puff Sleeves

I mean, this trend has already taken over our dresses, tops and coats for the season, so why not our sweatshirts, too? A basic crew neck with a slight puff sleeve detail is instantly more elevated, and if you end up wanting to change out of your sweatpants, you can totally pair this piece with some dark-wash denim for a more “I didn’t wake up like this” vibe.

STYLECASTER | Loungewear Trends

Courtesy of AMO; Heroine Sport.

Now this is the kind of loungewear you’ll want to wear out, too! Pair the AMO Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt with the Heroine Sport Downtown Leggings for a super chic, street-style-ready ‘fit. Puffy sleeves and latex-look leggings are truly a match made in comfy fashion heaven.


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