The Absolute Best Sites For Steamy Lesbian Erotica

Julia Marzovilla
The Absolute Best Sites For Steamy Lesbian Erotica
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Lesbian porn is generally one of the most popular porn categories on the web, but other sexy sites—like those dedicated to erotica—are also having a major moment right now. I mean, we are spending a lot more time home alone these days, so it makes sense that people want to feel aroused! While many either listen to or watch porn on their laptops and phones, written porn (aka erotica) is great for anyone who likes something a little less graphic (but just as hot!). With that, allow me to highlight a few great lesbian erotica options to fill your time.

In case you’re unfamiliar, erotica is essentially traditional fanfiction, but with a very sexy adult spin. The stories are always overtly sexual or arousing in nature and tone, and there are tons of subgenres for you to browse, so almost anyone can find something that suits their specific fancy. No matter what you’re into, you can definitely read about it!

For the LGBTQIA+ community in particular, there are a lot of different (and inclusive!) literary options that, more often than not, are written by and for their specific readership. So whether you’re new to erotica or are just looking for something different to sink your teeth into during these next few months at home, I’ve gone ahead and rounded up a few of the best options from across the web for steamy lesbian tales.

Most of these are free, so you won’t need to enter any of your credit card info in order to have a good time. Just lock your door and settle in for a spicy read! If you’re the type of person who reads romance novels especially for the sexy couple moments, this list is made for you. Keep reading to see the the top sites you’ll love.

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1. Wattpad

Yes, this site is famous for its selection of fanfiction (the fanfic-turned movie After originated on the site), but it also has a ton of steamy erotica options for even the toughest critics! There are thousands of options to choose from and some even update as you read, so you can watch a story progress in real-time.


1. Literotica

You can read hundreds of stories for free on Literotica, so it’s well worth your time to peruse their site and seek out the best lesbian lit. If you dabble in writing, you can even submit your own story for publication on the site.


3. SugarButch Chronicles

Choose from a selection of dirty stories, essays, poetry and sex toy reviews on SugarButch Chronicles, the site designed with queer sex stories in mind. Founded in 2006, SugarButch Chronicles has won a ton of awards, so you know the content has to be steamy.


4. Nifty

Behold, another entirely free erotica site. Nifty was established in 1992 and has a ton of stories (read: over 360,000!) for you to enjoy, all conveniently broken down into a bunch of different categories. They even have their very own merch so you can support them financially if do like to pay for your porn (lit porn counts, you guys!).


5. Lush Stories

Lush Stories has published over 60,000 different stories on their site (they have a live tracker), all broken down by kink or genre, so you can get specific. They also have audio stories for easy listening! If you’re feeling daring, you can try out their random story selector to find something new, or make a long-term commitment with a lengthy e-book instead.


6 AutoStraddle’s Slick

You have to be a paying A+ member to access Slick, but I can guarantee it’ll be worth your while. It’s brought to you by the team behind AutoStraddle, one of the most prominent communities for LGBTQIA+ readers on the web. Being a part of their A+ community grants you access to exclusive stories and interviews from the site, as well as, you know, the selection of queer erotica you came for.

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