TikTok Is Obsessed With Le Creuset, So I Guess We’re Adulting Now

Alicia Kort
TikTok Is Obsessed With Le Creuset, So I Guess We’re Adulting Now
Photo: Courtesy of Le Creuset.

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In the adulting plot twist I never saw coming, TikTok users are absolutely obsessed with the colored-enamel cookware from Le Creuset. The French brand has been around since 1925, but they’re getting an unexpected boost from cuspers, and we’re tempted to give cooking a go purely for the sake of justifying buying some.

Why is TikTok so obsessed with this cookware? We can’t say for sure how the fascination started, but users are raving about the cast-iron cookware line’s practicality as well as aesthetic. Suddenly, everyone is aspiring to a kitchen with a whole range of Le Creuset. There’s even a self-proclaimed “Le Creuset girl,” who creates entire mood boards around specific Le Creuset colors. Just wait until you see the new deep teal and cosmos collections. Honestly, they’re well worth gushing about—and not just for the aesthetic. 

Le Creuset is usually a brand people tend to add to their wedding registries, but why should they feel obligated to wait to get some really good cookware? If you can invest, by all means, go ahead. You deserve it! It’s known for being pretty pricey, ranging from $80 to $400, but these fans are being smart about their shopping. Instead of buying a $40 skillet that’s going to last maybe two years before it gets bent or gross, TikTokers are getting high-quality and versatile stuff that’s going to last forever, like the brand’s iconic Dutch Oven. You can make just about anything in Le Creuset’s offerings, so they’re def worth the price tag in the end.

Forget about the latest boot trends for a sec, and consider spending your coin on some cookware instead. It’s all about the Le Creuset for us! We thought we were going to live off delivery for a little while longer, but we suppose it’s time to finally learn how to cook for real. Trust us, in a few weeks, people will show off their stews like they were Instagramming their banana bread last spring. 

Below, check out our Le Creuset must-haves. It isn’t just about the Dutch Oven—they make plenty of other great, long-lasting cookware, too.

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1. Signature Cast Iron 5.5-Qt Round Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven

Courtesy of Le Creuset.

Out of Le Creuset’s top-notch line of cookware, this is its crown jewel. You can make just about anything in it—even cake. We aren’t joking. It’s also made to last for many years, which is why it’s pricey. This upgraded version has a bigger knob and handles for easy-handling.


2. Signature 12″ x 9″ Stoneware Rectangular Dish

Le Creuset Signature 12" x 9" Stoneware Rectangular Dish

Courtesy of Le Creuset.

This versatile stoneware dish is a must-have. And guess what? You won’t have to hand-wash this baby. You can stick it straight in the dishwasher after dinner. Plus, it comes in this dreamy deep teal.


3. Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Iron Handle Skillet

Courtesy of Le Creuset.

When you cook with this Le Creuset skillet, you don’t need to dump a ton of oil. It’s designed to cook food evenly without burning it. Yeah, this might seem like an expensive skillet, but we can promise you that it’s much better than the $30 one you still have from college. It’s time for an upgrade.


4. 3.4-qt Covered Oval Casserole Dish

Le Creuset 3.4-qt Covered Oval Casserole Dish

Courtesy of Le Creuset.

Casseroles? Who knew that you’d get excited about them, but TikTok causes people to do crazy things. This casserole dish can handle your green-bean casserole and won’t scratch or stain. It comes in six different shades.


5. Oval Dutch Oven in Cosmos

Oval Dutch Oven in Cosmos

Courtesy of Le Creuset.

TikTok is really psyched about about the Cosmos collection, and it’s not hard to see why. This Dutch Oven is #aestheticgoals. Made for roasting chickens and delicious stews, this dutch oven will make sure your food is steamed evenly and to perfection.


6. 4-Piece 10-oz Oval Cocottes

Le Creuset 4-Piece 10-oz Oval Cocottes

Courtesy of Le Creuset.


We love a good set, and so does Le Creuset. You can serve your guests up some sizzlin’ soup in these four matching cocottes. They’re basically individual-sized dutch ovens that ensure that every portion is identically cooked. 


7. 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Le Creuset 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Courtesy of Le Creuset.


Take your dinner parties to the next level with this stunning dinner set. You can serve your stew from your Le Creuset Dutch Oven on your matching dinnerware, like a true stan. You get four plates, four side plates, four soup bowls and four mugs, all in the gorgeous cerise color.

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