Just 13 Times Jungkook’s Hair Looked Seriously Perfect

Elizabeth Denton
Just 13 Times Jungkook’s Hair Looked Seriously Perfect
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BTS fans love the boys for their serious musical abilities and adorable personalities but also, their killer style. Hey, it comes with being a pop star. And when you look at Jungkook’s hair photos, you’ll see BTS members constantly switch it up. Why Jungkook and not RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin or V? Well, of course, they always look amazing too, but Jungkook has Twitter all aflutter this week since he cut his hair a bit short for a promotional video the group did for their collaboration with Bodyfriend, a brand of massage chairs. That made us want to take a little trip down memory lane.

From blue tips to short blonde strands to long black hair, Jungkook continually plays around with new hairstyles (and his personal style!). It’s hard for us to even pick our favorites. He often keeps his hair on the longer side with shaggy layers and adds in some bright colors or bleach for lighter strands. Lately, he’s gone short and dark, making fans think he looks less like a K-pop star and more like a Korean movie star. This is otherwise known as Handsome AF.

Drool over some of our favorite Jungkook looks, below.


Jungkook hair

Image: Shutterstock.

At the Today show in February 2020.

bts at the grammys

Image: Shutterstock.

With BTS at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

Saying hi to the BTS Army in 2020.

bts at variety brunch

Image: Shutterstock.

With BTS at the 2019 Variety Hitmakers Brunch.

At the gym taking a mirror selfie in 2009.

Backstage in 2019.

Taking a mirror selfie in 2018.

Backstage in 2017

On the street in 2017.

Graduating in 2017.

With a fan in 2016.

simply k pop

Image: Shutterstock.

At the Simply K-POP TV show in 2013.

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