10 Times Jimin Switched Up His Hair and Looked Perfect

Elizabeth Denton
10 Times Jimin Switched Up His Hair and Looked Perfect
Photo: Image: Instagram.com/btsjimin; Design: Cierra Miller.

Although all of the BTS members play around with new hairstyles, no one switches is up like Jimin. It wasn’t until we looked at these Jimin hair photos that we really saw how often the K-pop star goes for a full hair transformation. While standing with RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V and Jimin, all eyes are often on Jimin’s and his ever-changing hairstyles. He’s not afraid of color and we love him for it.

Whether Jimin’s hair is light or dark blue, purple or peach, sandy blonde or platinum, or even just his natural brown-black, fans go crazy for his new look. Just two months ago, he took his blonde strands midnight blue and Twitter went crazy for it. He was called a “midnight blue prince” and one fan even said in all caps excitement: “Jimin with blue hair, Joon with purple grayish hair, the wings, the dark vibes we—.”

He changes his color all the time but Jimin’s hairstyle is usually pretty similar. He favors a middle part and floppy, boy band-style strands that make fans swoon. Depending on the project, he goes shorter or longer but still keeps the same K-pop star vibe. It’s hard to choose a favorite but we narrowed down some of our favorite Jimin looks, below.

With ashy blue hair in 2020.

With dark blue hair in 2020.

With blonde hair in 2020.

Back to brown in 2019.

With peach hair in 2019.

With sandy blonde hair in 2018.

Going pink in 2017.

Bank to blue in 2017.

WIth black hair in 2016.

With natural hair in 2016.

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