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16 Quick and Non-Basic Ways to Style Fine Hair, According to the Red Carpet

Volume goals achieved.

Almost every time I decide to switch up my hairstyle, a Google search of my favorite celebrities follows. They’ve got hairstylists and ample resources at their well-manicured fingertips, which usually means they are always ahead of the curve with, well, everything. More often than not, I find their red carpet looks really helpful whenever I want to do something as simple as, for example, find hairstyles for fine hair.

Because while I could ask a hairstylist or other expert to recommend a pile of products that will enhance what I’m already naturally working with, sometimes a hairdo is the quicker (and cheaper) route to the desired result. And for fine hair specifically, how you manipulate your strands makes all the difference. Volume is usually the number one request of anyone with thin hair, except they need just the right amount of it; not the kind used to mold beehive updos back in the day.

I’ve found—after extensive research—that going beyond the basic doesn’t mean you have to go completely overboard. Instead, take a certified classic and give it a slight twist. Or in the case of fine hair, add a bump or tease it out. Ahead, 11 quick and easy red carpet looks I would totally copy if I wanted my hair to look foine instead of fine.


The Messy Bun With a Bump

The classic messy bun is something you probably already wear at least once a week. If you want to give off the impression that you put in a little more effort while also adding volume, create volume on top like Bella Hadid.


A Topped Off Low Ponytail

On those days when your ponytail is falling flat, create instant volume with an accessory, a la Camila Cabello.


A Bob With Bangs and Layers

There’s a normal bob. And then there’s one with layers on layers, plus brow-grazing bangs, as seen on Julianne Hough.


Slicked Back and Bumped Up

Should you have fine hair and want to master the wet look without looking like a wet dog, slick your strands back and use mousse or hairspray to create volume at the top of your head like Karlie Kloss.


A Classic With Wispy Strands

A slicked-up top knot can make your hair look even finer, unless you let a few wispy strands loose like Kendall Jenner.


 A Slightly Grown-Out Pixie

Nothing adds effortless volume like a pixie cut that’s this close to taking the form of bob.


A Teased Lower Bun With Free-Flowing Strands

You can also tease your way down into a low bun like Margot Robbie when you aren’t in a top knot mood, but still want an updo that doesn’t fall flat.


A Down-Do With a Top Knot

Whenever you want to style your lob beyond basic beach waves, you can also create a towering top knot for just a hint of volume like Nina Dobrev.


Straight Back Cornrows

For those with textured hair on the finer side, classic cornrows (like the ones on Ruth Negga) won’t put too much of a strain on your strands.


Natural Curls Brushed Out

When all else fails, let your natural texture do its thing like Sarah Hyland’s.


Hair to the Side

Pushing all of your hair to the side like Zoe Saldana also creates the illusion of fuller hair.

jennifer aniston
Image: Shutterstock.

Curled-Under Layers

Give your long layers a ’90s twist like Jennifer Aniston. It makes even the finest strands appear fuller.

zoe saldana
Image: Shutterstock.

Big-Barrel Curls

Zoe Saldana just knows what she’s doing and her fine hair looks full with either side-swept hair or big barrel curls.

january jones
Image: Shutterstock.

Wavy Bob

Oftentimes, the shorter the hair, the fuller it looks, as with January Jones’ wavy bob.

rashia jones
Image: Shutterstock.

Long Bangs

Rashida Jones knows that long, wispy bangs add interest to fine hair and fake allover fullness.

lucy liu
Image: Shutterstock.

Bumped-Up Pony

Give your ponytail some volume up top like Lucy Liu to fake fuller strands.


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