Forget Art—Fill Your Home with Framed Plants Instead

Lindsey Lanquist
Forget Art—Fill Your Home with Framed Plants Instead
Photo: DIYs.

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There are few things in life I’m ashamed of, but one of them is my abject inability to keep plants alive. I’ve shopped the most low-maintenance of succulents—plants that, supposedly, can survive with little light, water or attention—yet, they’ve all died on me. Fortunately, framed plants are the one kind I can’t kill. Finally!

Only once, and only briefly, have I been convinced of my success as a plant mom. My baby echeveria plant started growing toward the ceiling—a sign it was thriving, surely. Little did I know echeveria plants only grow upwards when they’re starved for light. (Whoops.) Still, there’s a hole in my plant-loving heart—one that can’t be satiated by fake flowers or plastic plants. Thankfully, a new home decor trend is here to fill that void once and for all. Framed plants are precisely what they sound like: actual plants that have been framed. Often, these plants have been carefully flattened and preserved before being lodged in the glass panel of a frame, though dried plants tend to look just as good as the real stuff.

These beautiful pieces offer all the beauty of a regular plant, with none of the responsibility (or the guilt and shame that inevitably follow when said responsibility is eschewed). Not to mention, framed plants are a simple (and fairly affordable) way to decorate your walls. Art can be pricey, and posters, hackneyed. Why not opt for something new, unusual and completely customizable? (If you purchase an empty glass frame, you can DIY the framed plant of your wildest dreams.)

Ahead, you’ll find 10 shoppable ways to incorporate framed plants into your home. I’m sure you’ll see one you love, but if not, feel free to buy a beautiful frame and craft your own.

1. Lavender Flowers

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You can purchase these Pressed Lavender Flowers come in either a black, silver or copper frame, and choose from chain or rope to hang it with. I love that the flowers can add a little color to a space, but they aren’t necessarily bright and flashy.


2. Fern Leaf

STYLECASTER | framed plants


If you’re not so into flowers, this Framed Fern Leaf is definitely for you. It looks almost as if you’ve framed a mini Christmas tree!


3. Eucalyptus Leaves

STYLECASTER | framed plants


These Pressed Eucalyptus Leaves are especially unique because of their oval shape—but it makes them especially easy to press! Choose from wooden frame options including solid oak, solid maple, and black or white enameled oak.


4. Bird Cherry Flowers

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How sweet and delicate are this little framed Bird Cherry Flowers? The handmade metal frame is also made with UV-resistant glass, which will prevent the plants inside from fading over time.


5. Blueweed Wildflowers

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I love a tiny pop of color, so these Pressed Blueweed Wildflowers are right up my ally. 90% leafy greens, 10% bright blue blooms! I’m also a big fan of the detailing on this beautiful gold frame and hanging chain. So classy!


6. Fern Leaves

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These Pressed Fern Leaves in this circular wooden frame with gold chain win for best design! This look is so chic! As if it could get any better, the frame also comes in black. I just might have to get one of each.


7. Autumn Flora

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I’m living for the autumnal vibes of these Pressed Flowers & Plants, especially since they’re such a contrast from the typically green tones in framed plant art. The rich reds and oranges would really warm up any space.


8. Evergreen Branch

STYLECASTER | framed plants

Herbarista Shop/Etsy.

This teeny, tiny Framed Evergreen Branch is smaller than the size of your hand. How cute! It’s the perfect little piece to finish off a larger gallery wall, or decorate a small space like a bathroom or kitchen corner.


9. Babies Breath Flowers

STYLECASTER | framed plants


These Pressed Babies Breath Flowers come in the most stunning hexagon frame, and because they’re white, they’ll compliment literally any space. I wish I could buy one for every single room in my apartment, TBH.


10. Pink Daisies & Flowers

STYLECASTER | framed plants


Okay, these Pink Daisies & Flowers win as my favorite piece hands-down. What can I say, I love a little pink and yellow combo! This springy, summery setup comes in a silver or brown stand, with additional wooden frame option.


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