Flowerwear Is The Instagram Trend That Has Influencers Wearing Bouquets As Tops

Bella Gerard
Flowerwear Is The Instagram Trend That Has Influencers Wearing Bouquets As Tops
Photo: Virginia Kalho. Abhishek Koli/Unsplash.

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When I say I love a good floral top, I don’t mean a literal bouquet of blooms tucked into my pants and worn as a shirt—or do I? I mean, prior to now I was always referring to a floral pattern, but the flowerwear Instagram trend has taken the idea of a floral top to a whole new, far more literal level. And honestly? I’m here for it!

If you’re out of the loop and your IG feed has yet to bloom with flowerwear, allow me to break this “budding” trend down. A photoshoot trend has emerged across Instagram that has influencers styling outfits and using real flowers as tops. I guess one can only shoot regular clothes in quarantine for so long before it gets repetitive and you need to spice things up! And before you get too judgy, rest assured that the look is PG—these are full bouquets, not petal nipple pasties.

Oh, and not to be ~that girl~, but I’ll just come right out and say it: like many trends, Kim K did it first! When Kardashian first dropped her Mrs. West Collection for KKW Beauty, she released campaign images in which she wore long-stemmed white roses as the bodice of her makeshift wedding dress. I won’t lie, it was artsy AF and I loved it. Like, almost more than I loved her actual wedding dress, which was also insanely gorgeous. I didn’t see many people recreate the look right away, but lately my feed is filled with influencers putting their spin on the idea, and the #flowerwear hashtag has grown (pun intended) from the roots up.

Into the look? Like I said, I’m obsessed. Read on to see how other influencers styled their own flowerwear photoshoots. If you want to buy a bouquet and recreate the trend for yourself, I recommend not getting anything with thorny stems and finding a bandeau, nipple covers or boob tape to give you a little extra, um, coverage. You know, in case a flower moves and your rosebuds show.

Pallabi of @pallabiroychoudhury‘s flowerwear self portrait is seriously stunning. I love that she mixed white, pink and yellow flowers for a more vibrant bouquet.


Everything about this flowerwear photo by Warda of @wardawurld is a total dream. Note to self: Pick up some candy-pink trousers next time I’m shopping.


Mikaela of @mikailapatritz pieced together her flowerwear using sunflowers, eucalyptus and baby’s breath, and the results are truly spectacular.


It looks like Virginia of @virginia_kalho tucked a bouquet of wildflowers directly into her denim for this incredible shot, and I couldn’t be more impressed. If this were a real shirt, I’d seriously buy it.


Want more guaranteed coverage? Alexandra of @lillehoang used larger flowers around her bust to ensure she was concealed, and the overall finish is absolutely perfect.


I do love a floral mix, but Adini of @adini.rulita‘s choice to go full-on purple just looks so. freaking. good!!!


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