Easy DIY Eyebrow Tips for Rescuing Your Arches at Home

Easy DIY Eyebrow Tips for Rescuing Your Arches at Home
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As the beauty expert in my friend circle, I expected more than a few questions about how to do, like, everything at home. So far, everyone is freaking out about their natural roots showing, having to bid adieu to their acrylics and of course, eager for whatever DIY eyebrow hacks I can pass along. I mean, totally get the brow panic because mine look pitiful, too.

Microblading is completely off the table and generally speaking, experts don’t recommend waxing on your own, so what’s left? According to Audrianna Mora, Licensed Esthetician and Global Education Manager at RevitaLash Cosmetics
, now is the time to focus on growth and the basics. Plus, remember that at-home grooming is about maintenance, not replicating the pro-level results you typically receive at a salon.

With that being said, here are a couple reminders for DIY eyebrow grooming at home until booking an appointment is back on the table.

RevitaLash RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner Serum


Let ‘Em Grow

I know all you can think about is the shape of your brow slowly disintegrating behind random sprouts of hair, but according to Mora, now is the perfect time to let your brows grow in naturally, “especially since no one will witness the awkward stage.”

“Adding a brow serum like RevitaBrow® Advanced will help strengthen your new arches by nourishing them with essential nutrients like biotin and peptides,” she says. You can also use this time to try a hair growth serum if your arches are naturally sparse. With less distraction, you may actually remember to apply it every day.

RevitaLash Cosmetics Precision Tweezers


Work With the Right Tools

Tweezers are an obvious must-have for the eyebrows, whether you’re going strictly DIY or otherwise. The part we often forget is how important it is to invest in quality ones.

“It’s always important to work with the right tools, and tweezers are no exception. Choose a sharp, slanted style that can easily hold onto tiny strays,” says Mora. RevitaLash’s Precision Tweezers fit the bill and they’re made with professional-grade stainless steel that’s easy to sanitize between uses.

eyebrows clear Easy DIY Eyebrow Tips for Rescuing Your Arches at Home


Tweeze After You Steam

When you tweeze also matters. Mora recommends tweezing right after a steamy shower, as “the warm water softens hairs, making the process a little less painful.”

As noted before, always start with a clean canvas (aka wash your face!), brush the hairs up before tweezing, stick to the rogue hairs (under the brow bone, around eyelids, middle of brows) and if you want to be fancy, use a pencil to map out your desired brow shape and tweeze around that.

Give Up on Perfection

Again, this isn’t supposed to be a salon-level job. Giving your brows the DIY treatment is a matter of maintenance, not grooming as if you’re about to hit a red carpet.

“Remember that eyebrows are sisters and not twins,” says Mora. “Achieving perfect symmetry most likely won’t happen and will lead to over-plucking.” And if you do over-pluck, step away from the tweezers until those sparse areas fill in again.

Mirrorvana Vanity Table Mirror


Ditch the Magnifiers

Mora also called magnifying mirrors the “gateway drug to over-plucking,” because “no one —I repeat, no one—will ever look at you that closely.”

Stick to your bathroom mirror or invest in a tabletop mirror that won’t get all up in your grill (or arches).

RevitaLash Cosmetics Hi Def Brow Gel


Brush Up

Finally, remember that brow gel is the great equalizer. If your eyebrows are thick or bushy, brow gel will hold them in place. If your brows are thin and sparse, gel can make them look fuller and more defined. Tinted brow gels add even more definition and can help cover over-plucked areas if needed too.

Brow tinting is another way to get the illusion of fuller brows, though you should tread lightly and try not to freak out if you mess up—most DIY tints start fading after a couple of days.

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