10 Crystals Guaranteed To Bring Good Energy Into Your Life

Alicia Kort
10 Crystals Guaranteed To Bring Good Energy Into Your Life
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Let’s be real, this year has already been super stressful. It’s no wonder people are trying to make sense of what’s going onI’m still processing last March, TBH. As we learn to move past what overwhelms us, many of us are choosing to turn to crystals for a little extra help. If you aren’t into the witchy world of crystals yet, let’s talk about all the different crystal meanings and purposes so you can find the one that suits your struggles best.

If you’re new to crystals, the whole thing may seem a little new age-y, but having an object that you can use as a physical reminder to stay focused on a specific intention can really help. Crystals are often connected to meditation, so you can also work them into your daily meditation or yoga practice. Yes, they’re beautiful, but you shouldn’t choose a crystal for aesthetic reasons; instead, choose one that can help you with whatever you’re dealing with. Basically, just because pink is your favorite color doesn’t mean you need rose quartz in your life right now—however, if you’re emotionally drawn to a particular stone, it could mean it’s one your subconscious knows you could benefit from.

Of course, knowing the different meanings behind each crystal makes figuring out the right ones for you much easier. For example, if you’re trying to erase negative energy from your life, having some amethyst nearby may help you to be less likely to open up Instagram and check in on your nemesis or ex. TBH, we all need a little help with that sometimes. That said, a small reminder that if your mental health is really suffering, you should check out online therapy in addition to stocking up on some crystals for good vibes. They’ll make a difference, but they certainly aren’t a cure-all.

Below, I’ve rounded up 10 crystals that serve a myriad of different purposes, so you can find the ones that fit your needs best. Whether you want a self-confidence boost, a little protection or just a moment of calm, crystals have you covered.

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For Clarity

Clear quartz is a popular choice, because it helps focus your mind. If you’ve got lofty goals and don’t know how to go about achieving them, this crystal will give you a clear head so you can get started.


Stylecaster | Standalone Crystals You Need

Courtesy of ThrowinStones/Etsy.

For Love

Looking for love or working to strengthen your relationships? A rose quartz crystal can help you out, as it creates harmony and builds trust. As an added bonus, it also boosts self-love and self-worth.





Stylecaster | Standalone Crystals You Need

Courtesy of Runyangshi.

For Protection

Black obsidian crystals have many different psychic properties and this crystal will absorb all of the negative energy around you. It’ll also help you find the truth and clear your head. I’ll take 20.






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Courtesy of Crystal Allies.

For Tranquility

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals for a reason—and no, not just because it’s pretty. This crystal will help put your mind at ease while banishing negative emotions like anger and frustration.


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Courtesy of The Chrysalis Stone.

For Happiness

Are you a pessimist who’d like to turn into an optimist? Citrine will help you find the joy in life and keep negative thoughts and feelings away.


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Courtesy of NewMoonBeginnings/Etsy.

For Empowering

Think of red jasper as your BFF, whispering words of encouragement before you take a big chance. Red jasper will give you the strength to accomplish what you set your sights on and banish any feelings of imposter syndrome.


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Courtesy of RocksRx/Etsy.

For Growth

If this a growth year for you, let moonstone be your guide. It’ll inspire you to tackle any issues you’ve been avoiding and learn more about yourself in the process.


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Courtesy of JaguarGems/Etsy.

For Renewal

Turquoise has a lot of properties, but among the most powerful is its ability to help you feel refreshed and free of negative energy. It’s also calming, so yes, you should definitely buy one for any stressed-out friends.


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Courtesy of theblackfeather/Etsy.

For Conquering Anxiety

This crystal is for all of the anxious people out there! Tiger’s Eye will help you face your fears and give you the strength to pursue even the dreams that scares you.


Stylecaster | Standalone Crystals You Need

Courtesy of NewMoonBeginnings.

For Increased Energy

Been feeling a little lethargic lately? Get yourself a ruby crystal. This small stone can give you some pep in your step, plus a welcome boost of confidence.

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