Let This Abundance Of Christmas Tree Inspo Help You Choose Your Tree’s Aesthetic

Bella Gerard
Let This Abundance Of Christmas Tree Inspo Help You Choose Your Tree’s Aesthetic
Photo: Courtesy of jusminda_homedecor; taylor.bell.duck; twotwentyone/Instagram.

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In a perfect world, we’d all leave our Christmas trees up year-round. Whether or not your family celebrated Christmas! The plant-lover and decor-obsessive in me just loves everything about the joy and beauty Christmas trees bring to a space, and I always spend December drinking in as much Christmas tree inspiration as I possibly can.

My own family trims the tree in a classic, home-y fashion. We have ornaments we made as children, plus others collection on family trips and even more gifted to one another. That said, plenty of people approach their trees with a planned-out aesthetic, and these are the ones I could look at for hours. I love a tree trimmed to the nines with giant ornaments, ribbon, lights, poinsettias—the works!

I used to turn to Pinterest for my Christmas tree inspo, but lately I’ve been stalking holiday hashtags on Instagram instead, and I’m impressed with what I’ve found. There are so many cool creators out there dreaming up beautiful Christmas tree aesthetics, from Candyland to goth to a tree covered in roses. If I could, I’d buy a whole Christmas tree farm and decorate each one a completely different way!

For now, though, I’m stuck with the ornaments of my youth, and I mean “stuck with” in the best way possible. I made ’em, and I love ’em! That said, I’ll definitely still be swooning over others’ beautifully-curated decorations, including the 12 trees I rounded up below. Some are colorful, others ornate, others so full you can barely see the branches beneath the ornaments. All are absolutely spectacular.

Ready to unleash the Christmas spirit and find your new holiday aesthetic? Read on for all the Christmas tree inspo you could ever ask for. And if you haven’t gotten a tree yet, jump on Amazon and order a faux one for under $100 ASAP! It’s not too late!


STYLECASTER | Christmas Tree Inspo

Courtesy of theblondeonabudget/Instagram.

All White

If colorful ornaments feel too harsh, opt for an all-white look a la Instagram user theblondeonabudget, who utilized white poinsettias, ornaments and even a white fur boa in lieu of traditonal garland. Use a flocked tree for a total white-out.


STYLECASTER | Christmas Tree Inspo

Courtesy of jenniferperkins/Instagram.

Pink & Red

I’m a sucker for a pink and red color combo all year round, so I really love how Instagram user jenniferperkins decorated her tree. I especially love the unique ornaments she used at the top instead of a traditional star. So fun!


STYLECASTER | Christmas Tree Inspo

Courtesy of collingwood_home/Instagram.

Black Accents

Holiday goths, unite! Instagram user collingwood_home decorated their beautiful tree with big black stars and black and gold ornaments. It’s a bold choice, but one that feels intentional, not overdone or cheesy, thanks to the elevated ornaments.


STYLECASTER | Christmas Tree Inspo

Courtesy of jennyeveryday/Instagram.

Champagne Glitz

“Our tree is a ‘champagne’ tree,” shares Instagram user jennyeveryday. “It’s not exactly gold and not exactly silver. Somewhere in the middle! It pairs perfectly with all of our vintage pastel and candy colored ornaments and really makes everything so much more magical!”


STYLECASTER | Christmas Tree Inspo

Courtesy of frappsandfrills/Instagram.

Red + Ribbons

Rather than opt for a classic tree topper, Instagram user frappsandfrills went for a massive red and pink bow, which perfectly complimented the decor on her stair railing. She also used red ornaments of all different sizes and pink poinsettia flowers to give her tree a unique, festive-femme touch.


STYLECASTER | Christmas Tree Inspo

Courtesy of our_home_interior_3/Instagram.

Snow Balls & Pine Cones

Round ornaments? So basic. Instagram user our_home_interior_3 really upped the ante with these fluffy white faux snowballs, perfectly accented by pine cones and jet-black present boxes for contrast.


STYLECASTER | Christmas Tree Inspo

Courtesy of taylor.bell.duck/Instagram.

Pink Candyland

“Each year, I add on a new room in my home to decorate and this year, I decided to tackle the kitchen/breakfast nook!” shares Instagram user taylor.bell.duck. “The candy-land theme fit perfectly for the space and I love how it turned out! It the perfect amount of sweet, pink fun!”


STYLECASTER | Christmas Tree Inspo

Courtesy of sunnygacharm/Instagram.

White, Gold + Green

For a classic aesthetic with a frosty touch, Instagram user sunnygacharm paired her flocked Christmas tree with green, white and metallic ornaments for a still-festive color scheme that leans more earthy and neutral. The oversized star topper is the perfect finishing touch.


STYLECASTER | Christmas Tree Inspo

Courtesy of jusminda_homedecor/Instagram.

Blue Christmas

Blue isn’t exactly a tradional Christmas color, but Instagram user jusminda_homedecor totally nailed this blue tree. She used a silver faux tree so the green didn’t contrast, and even had a little nutcracker guarding it at its base.


STYLECASTER | Christmas Tree Inspo

Courtesy of designisntagamble/Instagram.

Rose Gold Snowflakes

Rather than bubblegum pink, Instagram user designisntagamble utilized a pale metallic pink, almost like a rosé, to trim her beautiful tree. I especially love the massive snowflake ornaments and that beautiful snowflake tree topper!


STYLECASTER | Christmas Tree Inspo

Courtesy of carlyspinkfairytale/Instagram.

Pink Roses & Silver

Instagram user carlyspinkfairytale‘s tree is so pretty, I’d be tempted to leave it up all year long. If ever a springtime Christmas tree existed, these pink roses would be on it.


STYLECASTER | Christmas Tree Inspo

Courtesy of georginashomedecor/Instagram.

Blue Patterned Ribbon

Another blue tree I love is by Instagram user georginashomedecor, and it’s so heavily decorated, I can barely see the tree itself! They went for multiple ribbons including one with a festive blue pattern, plus white and blue ornaments with snowflake details.

A version of this article previously appeared in December 2020.

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