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As the faces of brands like Dior Cosmetics, Louis Vuitton and Shibuya, the members of BLACKPINK are bonafide influencers. But that doesn’t mean Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa and Jennie can’t go au natural. Whether BLACKPINK is with or without makeup, the members kill it with their visuals. As BLINKs know, BLACKPINK debuted in 2016 with their song, “Boombayah,” from their first album, Square One. Since then, the band has become of the most well-known K-pop acts in the world. They have a song with Dua Lipa. They’ve performed at Coachella and were the first K-pop artists to do so. And they even have famous friends like Ariana Grande and Lana Condor.

Still, as their makeup-free photos will show, the members haven’t changed that much since their international stardom. Sure, BLACKPINK can rock a dramatic eye or neon hair color on stage, but Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé can also strip off their makeup for a low-key selfie on Instagram. It’s the band’s relatability that has made them popular with millions of fans worldwide. Ahead, find out more about each member’s beauty style andwhat they look like with or without makeup. BLACKPINK can kill this love, but they can also kill it with and without makeup.


As the first member of BLACKPINK, many fans consider Jennie the band’s unofficial leader. And it isn’t without a good reason. The singer and rapper doesn’t play around much with her hair color (she’s known for her signature black locks, though she is known to add extensions or chop it into a bob), but Jennie’s makeup is where she really shines. The “Solo” singer is often on stage with a dramatic smokey eye, a pouty pink lip, exaggerated eyeliner and glowy skin. Jennie is also known to experiment with standout eyeshadow colors (like the gold below) to allow her to shine in BLACKPINK’s performances.


Lisa is one of BLACKPINK’s rappers and has some of the band’s most memorable verses, so, of course, her beauty looks are standouts. The member has experimented with blonde, brown, red and black hair, and is known for her signature bands and effortless waves. Lisa also comes through with her lips, which often either painted a bold red or a luscious pink. The rapper also isn’t afraid to go for a dramatic eye to accentuate her doll-like features.


Of BLACKPINK’s members, Rosé is perhaps best known for her hair. For fans, Rosé wouldn’t be the same without her mermaid-length, strawberry blonde locks. (We like to believe they’re the color of rosé.) But the singer’s beauty looks don’t stop with her hair. Though Rosé isn’t as dramatic as her other members when it comes to cosmetics, the singer does use makeup to accentuate the pink tones in her skin, whether it’s through rosy eyeshadow or a glossy lip.


Like Rosé, Jisoo is also often au natural compared to her BLACKPINK bandmates. But that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t experimented with some dramatic looks. Throughout BLACKPINK’s career, Jisoo’s hair hasn’t changed much, from dark brown to black. But the singer does know what’s up when it comes to her lips. For performances, Jisoo can often be seen with a dark red lip that highlights her Snow White-like features. Other than that, the member’s beauty looks are often low-key, though she is known to experiment with colored contacts, like in the picture below.

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