The Best Wig Glue For Ensuring a Good Hair Day Stays That Way

The Best Wig Glue For Ensuring a Good Hair Day Stays That Way
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I learned the hard way that you shouldn’t get too comfortable wearing an unsecured wig. One day when I was rushing to meet my Uber driver for an event, my curly Diana Ross-esque wig got caught in a tree. Luckily I felt my wig sliding before it was snatched (literally), but I was embarrassed just thinking about how that could have played out. From that day on, I began using the best wig glue to avoid any embarrassing mishaps.

When I first started wearing wigs, I had no idea that gluing it down was a thing. Like most people, I thought the purpose of wearing a wig was to be able to take it on and off as you please. This seemed like the opposite of what attracted me to wigs—ease and versatility. Now that I’m no longer a newbie, I understand how much of a difference the best glue can make. Not only does it keep your unit secure; it also helps the material of a lace frontal “melt” into your skin so it can look more natural. (Here’s a great tutorial to start.)

If you want to avoid a disastrous scenario, like say, having your wig snatched by a tree branch, I’ve compiled a list of a few different glues that wig wearers swear by.

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Ustar Lace Wig Glue


Ustar Lace Wig Glue

You won’t have to worry about a rainy day loosening your wig from your head. This adhesive is water-resistant and oil-resistant, so your natural scalp oils won’t undermine the glue and cause it to melt. It’s designed to be used on both poly- and lace front wigs.



Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

Though this technically isn’t a wig glue, it’s most wig wearers tried-and-true product for securing lace wigs. The tackiness of this hairspray makes it the perfect solution for short-term wig security. Also, because it isn’t a true glue, it’s beginner-friendly—if you didn’t glue down your wig correctly the first time around, you could adjust your wig without the glue compromising the lace material. Another great thing about using this spray as a wig glue is it dissolves when sprayed with water, allowing you to remove your wig easily. Watch this tutorial to see the best way to apply your wig using the Got2B Blasting Freeze spray.



Got2B Ultra Glued Invincible Extreme Hold Hair Styling Gel

The Got2B spray is an excellent option for a wig glue. However, there are two major downfalls to the product—it can be a bit messy, and it’s not ideal for traveling. However, this gel version is travel-friendly and allows you to glue your wig without the mess. You can also pair the two together for a firm hold.


Bold Hold.

Bold Hold Extreme Cream Adhesive For Lace Wigs & Hair Pieces

If you need a long term solution for securing your wig, look no more. This odorless hair glue is perfect for oily skin, which means you don’t have to worry about your wig unexpectedly sliding or gliding. Best of all, it dries down completely clear.


Ghost Bond.

Ghost Bond XL With Extra Moisture Control

If you’re worried about the glue on your wig melting away, this glue has your name written all over it. Whether you live in a humid climate or live an active lifestyle, this glue keeps your wig on through it all. Natural skin oils and sweat are no match for this powerful adhesive. 



Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive

One of the trickiest parts of gluing down a wig is determining when the glue has dried down enough for your wig to stick. This particular wig glue goes from green to blue, then clear as it dries so you can determine how tacky the glue is before grabbing your wig. This is the color-coded glue guide that you need to live your best wig life.



ORS Olive Oil FIX-IT Grip Gel Ultra Hold

This ultra hold gel is another non-glue option to secure your wigs. Though it’s not intended to be a wig glue, it is made specifically for lace wigs and weaves. If you want a little extra security, you can use the accompanying hold spray to make sure your wig stays put throughout the day.



BMB Super Lace Glue For Lace Front Wigs 

This lace wig glue is intended for extreme long-term hold (about 4-6 weeks). With that being said, if you’re looking to take the hands-off approach with your hair while rocking a wig, this long-lasting glue is your best bet. Also, you’ll love the easy brush-on applicator that comes with this glue for precise and mess-free application.

A version of this article was originally published on Nov 8, 2019. 

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