The Best Ripped Jeans To Give Your Wardrobe Some Edge

Bella Gerard
The Best Ripped Jeans To Give Your Wardrobe Some Edge
Photo: Image: Vigoss, Warp + Weft, Agolde, Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

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Finding perfectly-ripped jeans is no easy feat—basic jeans with barely a hole at the knee are often too plain, but super-shredded styles can look like you lost a fight with Wolverine. The best ripped jeans look effortlessly cool; not like you shelled out a ton of coin to wear something with holes in it, but also not like you impulse-DIYed them one night with your scissors and got a little too snip-happy. Is anyone else seeking the ripped jeans happy-medium I’m talking about here? I know it can’t be just me.

Of course, cute ripped jeans mean different things to different people. Many like the look of heavily-distressed denim, and prefer the thigh-to-fabric ratio to be about even. That said, others despise the look, and prefer shredded tears that are less revealing than full-on holes or rips. The best ripped jeans for you really depend on whether you like a little or a lot—not to mention where you like it. Some people are all about a good rip right at the knee, while others prefer the upper thigh area or (if you’re cheeky, like, literally) just below the bum.

Of course, your preferred fit and wash of denim impacts how you like your ripped jeans, too. Light-wash ripped mom jeans give a laid-back, off-duty look that is perfect for a day of errands, a more casual office environment or brunch with friends. Meanwhile, dark high-waisted ripped jeans give off a sexier, fancier vibe, perfect for a night-out look or a dinner date. When placed side by side, a pair of white wide-legged distressed denim looks like a different species than a pair of black shredded skinnies—and from a jeans perspective, they basically are different species. The only thing uniting them is the fact that they’re both ripped jeans, even though they look completely different.

That said, you can dub more than one pair of pants your Best Ripped Jeans. You can have your Best Ripped Mom Jeans, your Best Distressed Skinnies, your Best Shredded Straight-Legs…you get the idea. Building a wardrobe of stylish ripped jeans takes a lot of trial and error, and maybe even a foot through a hole or two (I know I’m not the only one who has accidentally done this while trying on ripped jeans, right? Right.)

Below, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up our favorite pairs of the best ripped jeans on the market. If you’re on a budget, brands like Levi’s, Warp & Weft, 1822 Denim and Topshop will have your back. If you’re looking to invest, Frame and Agolde have some incredible options, and Mavi sits in that sweet spot just above $100, so you don’t have to save up for too long to get the perfect pair.

Whether you’re looking to splurge or save, and whether you prefer some light rippage or some major distressing, the best ripped jeans for you are on our list below. Be sure to stock up on a few pairs to give your fall and winter wardrobe some edge.

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Best Ripped Straight Jeans

big star avery ripped jeans

Courtesy of Big Star Denim.

Big Star Denim Avery Straight Leg Jeans

Big Star Denim’s Avery jeans are guaranteed to be your new go-to pair of ripped jeans. The vintage style gives a nod to our favorite ’90s fit with a high waist and “mom” fit down the legs. Buying jeans online can be a major pain but with Big Star Denim’s free shipping and free 30-day returns, it’s never been easier to add to your cart. Plus, their sustainable practices are something you can feel good about too.

STYLECASTER | best ripped jeans

Courtesy of MOTHER.

MOTHER Superior The Tomcat Jeans

What makes the MOTHER Superior The Tomcat Jeans
a particularly cute pair of ripped jeans is the fact that the distressing goes all the way down onto the hem. One random rip can look unintentional, but here, the look is cohesive.

Best Black Ripped Skinny Jeans

STYLECASTER | best ripped jeans

Courtesy of Levi’s.

Levi’s 711 Skinny Jeans

Is there anything quite so edgy as a super-shredded pair of jet-black skinny jeans? These Levi’s 711 Skinny Jeans
are distressed from thigh to knee, and the long, thin rips show plenty of skin, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Best Light-Wash Ripped Jeans

Barcelona Bleached Ripped Organic Blue Jeans

Courtesy of Mavi.

Barcelona Bleached Ripped Organic Blue Jeans

You can’t go wrong with light-washed jeans, especially when they have such a unique fit like these from Mavi. They’re straight at the hips yet a little baggy closer to the ankles, so you know they’re on-trend with Gen Z’s taste. This fit makes them super comfy and flattering. They highlight your rear and give some stretch further below.

Best High-Waisted Ripped Jeans

STYLECASTER | best ripped jeans

Courtesy of Levi’s.

Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans

If you prefer wider holes to small slits, the Levi’s
721 High Rise Skinny Jeans
are a better pair of ripped jeans for you. With large rips on the thighs and at the knees, these definitely give off a too-cool-to-care look.

Best Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

STYLECASTER | best ripped jeans

Courtesy of Resfeber.

Resfeber Women’s Ripped Boyfriend Jeans 

If you like a really shredded look that still isn’t too revealing, these Resfeber Women’s Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
should be your new go-to going-out denim. They’re practically begging to be paired with a cute crop top and leather jacket!

Best Black Ripped Jeans

STYLECASTER | best ripped jeans

Courtesy of Frame.

Frame Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans

When it comes to black jeans, I like ’em dark, and Frame always nails it. These Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans
are similar to the Levi’s listed earlier, but have far fewer rips, so they’re great for anyone who likes the extra coverage while still rocking the distressed look.

Best Skinny Ripped Jeans

gap skinny ripped jeans

Courtesy of The Gap.

If you’re into the look of barely-there distressing, play it safe with these from The Gap. These on-sale jeans come in sizes 24-35 in cuts that are petite, regular and tall, short, and long, and they have the tiniest hint of distressed detail to ever so slightly edge up your look. They boast a stretchy fit that makes them feel like your favorite leggings.

Best Ripped Mom Jeans

Ripped High Waist Oversize Mom Jeans

Courtesy of Topshop.

Ripped High Waist Oversize Mom Jean

Nothing beats a good pair of ripped mom jeans, and this oversized pair from Topshop is proof. The best ripped mom jeans have straight-across tears, not actual holes, so the gaps don’t get wider over time.

Best Vintage Ripped Jeans

STYLECASTER | best ripped jeans

Courtesy of Warp + Weft.

Warp + Weft Vintage High Rise Straights in Akula

Warp + Weft make gorgeous, comfortable denim for under $100, and these Warp + Weft Vintage High Rise Straights in Akula are some of my faves. The super-light wash, large knee rips and raw hem give them a laid-back feel, but the more fitted straight-leg silhouette keeps everything polished.

Best Loose Ripped Jeans

STYLECASTER | best ripped jeans

Courtesy of Agolde.

Agolde ’90s Fit Mid Rise Loose Fit Jeans

If you’re thinking about splurging on a pair of Agolde jeans, I can’t recommend the ’90s Fit Mid Rise Loose Fit Jeans enough. These are some of the best high-waisted ripped jeans on the market, with juuuust the right amount of distressing for a model-off-duty look.

Best Wear-Anywhere Ripped Jeans

Billies 90 Ripped Super High Waist Tapered Jeans

Courtesy of Vigoss.

Billies 90 Ripped Super High Waist Tapered Jeans

Last but certainly not least, the tapered ripped jeans from Vigoss are great happy-medium denim. They aren’t too dark-wash or too light, They’re slightly cropped but not too short, and they have just enough distressing right at the knee and thigh for a little flair. Perfect.

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