There’s a Tampon Shortage But These 5 Period Delivery Services Make Sure You Never Run Out

Elizabeth Denton
There’s a Tampon Shortage But These 5 Period Delivery Services Make Sure You Never Run Out
Photo: Image: Retailers; Design: Cierra Miller.

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There’s nothing like getting your period and reaching under your sink to realize…you forgot to get tampons. Rolled-up toilet paper only lasts so long. Don’t stress—we’ve rounded up the best period delivery services to keep that from happening ever again. Whether you wear pads, tampons, menstrual cups or discs, you can get a unique box delivered right to your home at least every month depending on your flow. There’s nothing shameful about running to the drugstore to stock up but these options are not only easier, but they’ll also save you money, too.

And now, there’s an even more important reason to jump on a delivery service. According to Time, supply chain problems are causing a tampon shortage (because period-havers aren’t dealing with enough these days!).

One of the most fun things about period subscription boxes (hey, there’s not a lot of fun about your period), is how personalized you can get. This isn’t just a basic delivery of the stuff you get at the store. Depending on your needs for the month, you can curate a kit that speaks directly to you. Need wipes and liners for an easier week? These have those, too. Some boxes even allow you to add on skincare (acne patches and face wash!), heating patches for cramps or a sweet treat for cravings. Seriously, these have it all and you deserve it for dealing with the (sometimes literal) headache every month.

We did the research so you don’t have to. Save time, money and a trip to the store with five of our favorite menstrual service options.

august pads and tampons



Founder and TikTok star Nadya Okamoto wants to take the shame out of getting your period. I mean, why would you hide these cute menstrual products anyway? The brand also focuses on sustainability, comfort and accessibility. Pads are totally plastic-free and tampons have a recyclable plastic applicator. All are organic cotton and fully biodegradable. Customize a box to get how many tampons, pads and/or liners fits your flow best.


lola organic pads

Image: Lola.


Choose from organic cotton tampons (with cardboard, plastic or no applicator), organic cotton pads with wings, liners and cleansing wipes. Then, customize your box with the type of absorbency you want and choose your delivery cycle (every four or eight weeks). You can even on goodies such as condoms, lube and a daily multivitamin.


flex disc period

Image: Flex.


This unique disc might look awkward at first glance but fans love it. One disc holds as much blood as five tampons and you only have to change it out every 12 hours. Plus, you can have mess-free period sex while wearing it! Simply choose your flow (for four, eight or 12 discs per cycle) and you’ll get a box every month. You can also choose a more typical menstrual cup with an adjustable pull tab.

blume tampons

Image: Blume.


We love this period delivery service for the way it really tackles all of a menstrual cycle’s stressors—even cravings. First, you build a box with pads (10 regular or 10 overnight) or tampons (16 regular, 16 super or a mix of both). Then, you choose your frequency: bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly. Next, add on some seriously impressive skincare (such as face wash and pimple treatment), liners, an essential oil blend and even a sweet treat like chocolate.


rael organic tampons

Image: Rael.


You’ve probably seen this organic period brand at the store but with a subscription, it’s 10 percent cheaper and hey, every dollar counts. Curate your box with BPA-free tampons (16 regular, 16 super or a mix of both), as well as three different liner and three different pad options. Get hormonal breakouts? Add on acne patches and sheet masks, plus wipes and even stick-on heating patches.

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