I’m an Old-Fashioned Millennial Discovering Natural Hair Vlogs for the First Time

I’m an Old-Fashioned Millennial Discovering Natural Hair Vlogs for the First Time
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Back in the day, also known as six months ago, I’d run to the nearest salon for hair emergencies. If it were dry beyond explanation, I could treat myself to a deep condition, a trim, and plenty of hacks and candid advice while sitting in the salon chair. At work, I had a stash of treatments and more to address any given issue. And with a buzzcut for most of last year, the last thing I needed was a list of the best natural hair YouTube channels to consult for advice because I didn’t need any. Wash my scalp and keep it moisturized? Seemed easy enough until staying home became the new normal.

With salons on hiatus and my patience hanging on by a thread, I decided to not only grow out my hair but actually listen to it. That meant not overloading with growth products, laying off any sort of styling, and keeping it protected while outdoors and exposed to sunlight and heat (because I love running). About two months into my new journey, I found myself Googling all I could about rice water, which had a resurgence in popularity as everyone was forced to go a little more DIY with their daily routines. This is what led me down my first YouTube rabbit hole for the first time…ever?

I can’t remember the last time I was this invested in looking at video after video, only to step away from my computer and realize I had been sitting there for hours. Normally, I would’ve told myself off for “wasting” so much time, except I didn’t. Dare I say, I learned a thing or two! I’m in the middle of the millennial spectrum but I definitely have an old soul. I was around for the explosion of the natural hair community on YouTube but I didn’t exactly participate. Perhaps I’d peruse it for work purposes, but I didn’t subscribe and keep up with certain vloggers on a weekly basis.

Such is not the case now. If I’m not obsessively reading and researching the ingredient labels on my products, I’m watching someone’s tutorial and reading all of the comments underneath (because there’s great advice there, too!). That being said, these ladies are just a fraction of the natural hair YouTube channels that have become part of my DIY hair education. (BTW, some are OGs of the natural hair community that I’ve known about but never spent a significant amount of time watching.) If you’re not already subscribed, don’t wait like I did.

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Whitney White (Naptural85)

Whitney White is a living, breathing natural hair dictionary. She’s one of the first natural hair experts to dominate YouTube with her tutorials and for the past decade, her reign hasn’t let up. Her down-to-earth and evenly paced how-tos have been a godsend to me in recent months; particularly her videos all about moisturizing dry hair. Now I keep a spray bottle on deck.

Kimberly Cherrell

Kimberly is hilarious. I absolutely love her sense of humor and anytime I watch one of her videos, I feel like I’m getting schooled in the basics of haircare by one of my besties. Her tutorial for moisturizing low porosity hair changed my routine for the better, as she emphasized the importance of warm water and linked out to her Amazon shop so I could save a couple of items (like this Edge Booster ) to my own shopping list.

Jessica Lewis (Mahogany Curls)

Jessica is another seasoned YouTube pro that I have been following for years but only recently became deeply invested in her YouTube channel. She big-chopped last year (around the same time as me!), so keeping up with her videos is super encouraging as I navigate my current grow-out phase. Her most recent “Natural Hair Basics” tutorials are a must-watch in my book (especially the one on shampoo ).

WOCH (Women of Color Hair)

Even if you have a buzzcut, this channel is completely mesmerizing and a time-suck you won’t regret. Think of it as a never-ending compilation of hairstyle tutorials for an impressive range of textures and lengths. From flexi-rods to headwrap styles to wash-and-go routines, these how-tos have convinced me to spend way too much in just one sitting.

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