Woosah Your Way Into the Best Meditation Apps

Elizabeth Denton
Woosah Your Way Into the Best Meditation Apps
Photo: Allison Kahler.

I’ve never been able to meditate. It’s not the easiest for me to sit still and I often have trouble focusing. But with physical distancing and the world basically on fire (proverbially), my anxiety has sky-rocketed and I was looking for something to take my mind of the news for five minutes. I downloaded Headspace and to my surprise, it’s taken my anxiety down a notch. Some of the best meditation apps can do that. They combine our love for technology (and our phones) and our need for a moment of peace.

Many meditation apps are free to try so you can decide which one is for you. Some are totally free but many you have to pay for some extras and additional exercises. It’s often worth it and clutch to have when you’re feeling especially stressed. It’s been helping me most with regulating my breathing at night. I switch the voice to a British man (hey, why not?) and he talks me through some deep breathing exercises that lull me to sleep. So far, I only do five minutes a day but I’m working up to more creative and productive meditations. You don’t have to do Headspace too. Choose one of the other popular meditation apps, below.

Calm (iOS and Android; 1 week free, $69.99/year)

Fans of Calm love its sleep stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises and relaxing music. Sessions are available in three to 25-minute increments so you can easily fit it into your day.

Headspace (iOS and Android; 2 weeks free, $69.99/year)

This guided meditation app is giving New Yorkers (one of the cities most hit in the pandemic) and all healthcare workers free access to Headspace Plus through 2020.

Happy Not Perfect (iOS and Android; $11.99/month, $59.99/year)

Fans call this app “genius” for its daily refresh that can help improve your mood in less than one minute.

Simple Habit (iOS and Android; Free and In-App Purchases)

With coaching content, motivational talks and guided meditation, Simple Habit is a great way to chill on the go.

Insight Timer (iOS and Android; Free and In-App Purchases)

You have a huge variety of meditations with this app, including what style you’d like, such as body scan, loving kindness, anxiety and more.