17 Replay-Worthy Beauty ASMR Videos That Hypnotize and Satisfy

Jane Asher
17 Replay-Worthy Beauty ASMR Videos That Hypnotize and Satisfy
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

In times like these, even the smallest breaks from reality, like beauty ASMR videos, are a godsend. ASMR, short for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,” refers to the tingly feeling that travels from the head down the spine in response to certain sounds, feelings or descriptions. And even if it’s a mere 15-second video, the opportunity to turn your brain off and focus on something inexplicably satisfying shouldn’t be missed.

While there are the classic ASMR videos of nails clicking against a microphone or slime being stretched and smushed, we’re partial to the beauty-centric ones. Makeup application in itself can be so satisfying—we’re talking precise lipstick application, the sweep of a highlighter brush onto a cheekbone, painting glossy eyeshadow onto a lid, swatching glittery pigments; the list goes on.

Of course, we can’t discount some of the more creative ways people have been creating ASMR content using beauty products, like mixing lipstick shades or pouring out bottles of nail polish to create swirls of color and glitter. Are you salivating just from reading this? Because I definitely am.

And then there’s the most obvious example of ASMR that we never knew we had in front of us all along: manicures. How many of us sit and watch, mesmerized by the perfect strokes of polish onto our nails during a trip to the salon? Whether it’s a classic manicure or a fancy work of nail art, there’s no denying nail polish application might be the most satisfying beauty ASMR moment of all.

So take a little break from your day and get ready to be hypnotized and relaxed by some of our favorite beauty ASMR videos below.

1. Face Painting

That eye gloss slides on so smoothly, we can’t get enough.

That purple pigment thooooo.

Painting in the lines never looked so satisfying.

Obviously, Queen Pat McGrath delivers with some of the best beauty ASMR content.

Less talky, more glossy.

2. Lippie Heaven

When the last of the red pigment swipes on perfectly, *chills*.

Legit cannot look away from the smashing pigments.

Wait for the gold gloss, and then you’ll really feel those spine tingles.

Suddenly we’re craving a berry fruit salad.

3. Nice Nails

Such precise lines. Such satisfaction.

Obviously we hate to see nail polish go to waste, but we think this is a worthy cause.

Literally hypnotized by this swirl.

4. Highlighter Heaven

Found: the perfect glow.

Currently watching this on repeat.

Watching that highlighter blend in is the highlight of our day.

5. Serious Swatching

We’re not sure which swatch in this video is our favorite.

This multi-chrome shadow is all sorts of satisfying.