10 Wireless Earbuds That Are Honestly Just As Good As Airpods

Alicia Kort
10 Wireless Earbuds That Are Honestly Just As Good As Airpods
Photo: Courtesy of Happy Plugs; Mpow; Tozo; Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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It seems like Apple AirPods are everywhere I look. Just like the iPod and iPhone crazes, AirPods have swept the nation and are currently all the rage—but that doesn’t mean that they’re the best Bluetooth earbuds option on the market. I found plenty of AirPods alternatives that are still wireless earbuds, but won’t break the bank just because they’re brand name.

I get it. Everyone wants to cut the cord. Getting your headphones ripped out because the cord got caught on a door (or even worse, someone else’s bag) is just the worst. It’s embarrassing and stressful! No one should have to suffer this way anymore. It’s 2021, for goodness sake!

If you’ve never been an Apple fan, tried AirPods and didn’t like them, or simply want a cheaper option with equal or greater quality performance, I’ve got you covered. Shelling out a minimum of $159 for a pair of headphones seems kind of crazy, especially if you have the habit of losing small earbud-shaped things, which I know I do. I’ve found plenty of Bluetooth wireless headphones under $100—with the cheapest being just under $25!

All of the earbuds of this list boast long listening times, fast charge and cute charging cases. Apple is all about that white aesthetic, but there are so many trendy and colorful Bluetooth earbuds out there once you get beyond the It Brand! Read on for picks from Apple competitors like Bose, Samsung and Beats, with sound quality so good,  you’ll feel like you’re in the recording studio with Harry Styles, Lizzo or Cardi B while you do squats or go on your coffee run.

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Courtesy of Happy Plugs.

Happy Plugs

AirPods don’t look this cool. If you’ve been searching for a more aesthetically-pleasing alternative, look no further than Happy Plugs. The marble pattern is on both the earbuds and the charging case, and you get up to 40 hours of use per charge. There are a total of 14 touch commands on these sweat-resistant pods, so you don’t have to unlock your phone to control them, either.


Stylecaster | AirPods Alternatives

Courtesy of Skullcandy.

Skullcandy Indy

These cute wireless earbuds come in a few eye-catching colors, including this minty green. The pods have removable ear stability gels, so you won’t have to worry about them popping out during your workout. There’s even a mic on the right pod, which makes it perfect for taking calls and working.


Stylecaster | AirPods Alternatives

Courtesy of Mpow.

Mpow Headphones

The Mpow wireless headphones don’t have any weird little nubs sticking out, so they fit fully into your ears and stay there. They look more futuristic than AirPods, in my opinion. And if you’re one of those people who always forgets to charge their wireless headphones, then the Mpow option is made for you—these fully charge in as little as one and a half hours.


Stylecaster | AirPods Alternatives

Courtesy of Beats.

Powerbeats Pro

These wireless headphones are the must-haves for music obsessives. The high-sound quality plus the sturdy headphone clip make these well worth shelling out for. And do you remember splitting your headphones with a friend back in the day? You can still do that—minus the cords—with Beats’ Audio Sharing feature! Excuse me while I force my friends to listen to my new Spotify playlist.



Stylecaster | AirPods Alternatives

Courtesy of TOZO.


Elle Woods would def choose these bright pink earbuds and honestly, that’s enough for me. These cute ‘pods play for up to six hours and are easy to connect to via Bluetooth. Plus, you can take them swimming and submerge them up to three feet in water for 30 minutes. Just be careful!!!


Stylecaster | AirPods Alternatives

Courtesy of Bose.

Bose Sport Earbuds

These sleek black earbuds were specifically designed for your workouts, so if your AirPods aren’t doing it for you or you want to kick your cords to the curb, this is the pair to check out. The world can melt away while you focus on your run or bike ride. There are also three different sizes of StayHear Tips to customize the headphones to your ear shape.


Stylecaster | AirPods Alternatives

Courtesy of Occiam.

Occiam Headphones

This budget-friendly option basically costs the same as dinner and two drinks, so they’re perfect if you want to go wireless without spending over $100. These headphones have silicone ear straps, so they’ll fit comfortably on your ears in addition to comfortably fitting your budget.


Stylecaster | AirPods Alternatives

Courtesy of Samsung.

Galaxy Buds

Add these futuristic and chic Samsung Galaxy Buds to your cart and gain access to your own personal assistant courtesy of their voice-activated features. You can even get super cool colors like Mystic Bronze or Mystic Red. These metallic buds will certainly turn heads.


Stylecaster | AirPods Alternatives

Courtesy of Soundcore.

Anker Soundcore

Tune out the world with the Anker Soundcore earbuds . The earbuds work to quiet background noises, which is ideal for unexpected calls from your boss. And if you’re ever in a rush, you can charge your headphones for 10 minutes to get up to an hour of listening. Yes, please!


Stylecaster | AirPods Alternatives

Courtesy of LETSCOM.

LETSCOM Wireless Earbuds

These lightweight earbuds are easy to toss in your bag and go—and how can you resist this gorgeous dark green color? You get up to 20 hours of listening time if your earbuds are totally charged and they’re under $25. Why would you splurge when these get the job done?

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