Here’s What the Date 12/21/21 Means & Why Seeing 1221 is a Powerful Sign

Here’s What the Date 12/21/21 Means & Why Seeing 1221 is a Powerful Sign
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December 21 is already a pretty special day on it’s own—but this year, it’s about to get even more magical. Not only is it the winter solstice, but the date itself represents some powerful numbers in numerology, 12/21/21.  Are you ready to maximize the very special energy of the day? Scroll down for the low down.

Every year, astrologers, numerologists, spiritual practitioners and many cultures around the world celebrate on December 21. This date marks the first day of winter and the Winter Solstice, which, astronomically in the Northern Hemisphere, represents the shortest day and the longest and coldest night of the year.

It is the time when the sun reaches the most southerly point in its orbit and one of the Earth’s poles is at its maximum tilt toward the sun, ushering in winter for us and summer for the Southern Hemisphere. This year, it will happen on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, at exactly 10:58AM.

It can be a time for reflection on where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

Astrologically, December 21 is also the date that the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn until January 19. Capricorn season tends to pulse with the energy of discipline, goal-setting, structure and ambition. There may also be some pressure to tie up loose ends and wrap up the year feeling accomplished and productive. This can be a period for reflection on where you are now and where you want to be in the future, so it’s a good time to use this powerful energy to tend to your foundation and ensure it is solid.

Yule is another significant cause of celebration on December 21. This 12-day celebration revolves around celebrating nature and its changes. By definition, Yule or Yuletide is said to be an “archaic term for Christmas,” due to the similarities to the popular holiday. But not everyone views it as such! Yule was actually the archetype for Christmas, and when it became a Christian holiday, anyone who did not believe in Jesus Christ was considered Pagan.

To modern wicca practitioners, Yule represents the return of light and the rebirth of the sun, as the 21 of December is the day of the year when we have the least amount of daylight—so, daylight will only increase from this point forward until the Summer Solstice.

12/21/21 is a perfect day for manifestation and goal-setting work.

Finally, there’s the numerological meaning. 12/21 holds great significance as it is an angel number. An angel number is a single-digit or sequential numbers that appear in our lives consistently to grab our attention. Often, they can have special meaning or messages from the universe for us. In the date 12/21/21, we have the numbers 1 and 2 repeating. The number one is all about motivation, optimism, unity and uniqueness. It can also remind us to focus on our own inner work, purpose and goals.

The number two, on the other hand, is about balance, duality, partnership and harmony. Combined, the two numbers ask us to figure out how we can contribute to the whole on an individual level, and what we can do within ourselves to make the collective better.  

What’s more, when the entire date (12/21/2021) is numerologically calculated, you get 11—a master number. The number 11 is all about intuition, inspiration and enlightenment. An 11 day in numerology is a day during which you want to pay attention to synchronicities, be open to coincidences and be very diligent about your thoughts and actions. Talk about a perfect day for manifestation and goal-setting work!  Ask and you shall receive, for sure.

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