Here’s What 11/11 Means & Why Seeing 1111 Is Such A Powerful Sign From The Universe

Here’s What 11/11 Means & Why Seeing 1111 Is Such A Powerful Sign From The Universe
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Chances are, you’ve glanced at a clock, noticed the time was 11:11 and heard a friend refer to it as an angel number. That said, you may not have fully understood what it meant, nor thought about November 11 as 11/11 in the same context. That said, it’s a majorly important date you need to know about! Something very interesting in ~the universe~ happens on November 11. But before you go furiously searching for “11/11 date meaning” on Google, take a deep breath and know that it’s good news. November 11 isn’t here to hurt you, but rather the opposite. (Also, just, like, scroll down and read this. No need to go and get Google involved.)

Ever wish on 11:11 before? Well, the myth that 11:11 is prime wishing time didn’t just come out of nowhere—1111 has a spiritual significance, according to both astrology and numerology. It represents a powerful opportunity to connect with your inner self and kickstart some good-ass spiritual growth (hell yeah).

According to Hans Decoz of, “The number 11 represents instinct and is the most intuitive of all numbers. It is your connection to your subconscious, to gut feeling and knowledge without rationality.” It’s also the number you’ll see often see when you’re about to experience a spiritual awakening, “or rebirth of some sorts,” says Imelda of

So of course, every year on November 11, we get the chance to experience this master number in all its powerful glory. Basically, get ready to emerge from November 11 all shiny and renewed. If you want to get into some more specifics about what 1111 means and what to do after seeing 1111, then scroll through and absorb some of this priceless knowledge, my friends. And a very happy 11/11 to you.

What Does 1111 Mean?

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It’s a Message From the Universe

Not only is 1111 considered a “master number,” it’s also an angel number through which your spirit guides may be contacting you. Not in a “Hey, Susan, how ya doin’,” sort of way, but more like a confirmation that you’re on the right path (although that would be cool to say wassup to your spirit guides and get a nm, hbu back). Of course, you may see 11:11 on the clock, but it can also show up in the most mundane of places. Maybe you’ll see it on a license plate, maybe your next purchase will ring up as $11.11, or maybe you’ll hit pause on “Greatest Vine Compilation, Version 8” on YouTube right at 11:11. (Too specific? Has this happened to me before? Maybe.)

Wherever you see it, you can rest assured, knowing that you’re headed in the right direction in terms of spiritual growth and manifesting your goals. And speaking of manifesting…

You Can Manifest Anything Right Now

The number 11 is potent with ~manifestation powers~. So be sure to pay attention to your thoughts right now. Members of the spiritual community heavily preach thinking positive thoughts only, especially during 11:11 and on Nov. 11, because it’s quite possible that just through the power of thought alone, you may make certain things happen.

In less woo-y terms: Be sure to focus on the things you want to happen and not on what you’re afraid of happening. Think positive thoughts. You’re more likely to spot and seize opportunities if you do.

An Energetic Portal Is Opening Up

Before you roll your eyes or sigh expletives, no, I do not mean like a doorway to another dimension. At least, not in the way that sci-fi movies often capture portals. What I mean is on Nov. 11, things feel more possible, and there is a sort of energetic gateway through which you can send your desires and watch them manifest. This is an opportunity to “ascend” spiritually, as it’s likely that many others are also feeling the same positive energy and desire to spiritually awaken alongside you.

You Might Be Meeting a Soul Mate or Your Twin Flame Soon

Given that 1111 is a spiritual number, it should come as no surprise that it’s also the number most commonly associated with spiritual relationships, such as soul mates and twin flames. Now, seeing 1111 everywhere doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be running into your soul mate or twin flame. It just may mean that you’re awfully close. So if you’ve been looking for love (or just simply looking to level up on your spiritual ascension journey), be open-minded and receptive to opportunities at this time. Note any signs or significant dreams you may be having—they might hold clues as to what’s to come.

What Do You Do After Seeing 1111?

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Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

As mentioned before, Nov. 11 is prime manifestation time—whether you want it to be or not. So don’t dwell on what could go wrong. Instead, look forward to the possibilities you’re excited about and do so with non-attachment to the outcome. Simply put your wish out into the world, put forth some elbow-grease (of course), but don’t tie your entire identity around it. If it doesn’t work out, chances are the universe has something even better waiting for you.

Be Open and Receptive

Life is full of opportunities for growth. And spiritually, this couldn’t be more true. Through all your hardships and celebrations, be open to what these opportunities may have for you. Make them teachable moments.

Ask for Guidance, If Needed

If you’re feeling stuck or challenged, ask for help. There’s absolutely no shame in that. Ask a friend, family member, mentor, therapist, confidant, or your inner self. Especially your inner self. Listen to your intuition. It probably has a lot to say at this time.

A version of this article previously appeared in November 2019.

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