5 Moms-to-Be on Where They Finally Found Their Favorite Maternity Clothes

5 Moms-to-Be on Where They Finally Found Their Favorite Maternity Clothes
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Ask any pregnant woman or new mom about their experience with maternity clothes, and you’ll probably hear some combination of the following: frustration, exhaustion, and the sense that, c’mon, it’s (almost) 2017—shouldn’t we be able to do better than this?

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To be fair, the selection is certainly better now than it’s ever been before—just check out an old photo of your mom in a pastel muumuu if you need confirmation of that—but anyone who wants to keep their style intact while pregnant still has some challenges ahead. For one, there’s the question of jeans—when do you give up on your old pairs? Should you invest in designer denim knowing you’ll only wear it for a few months?

Where do you need to shop from the maternity department, and where can you get away with just sizing up a bit? And how the heck do you tackle cocktail wear (ah, the irony)?

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These are just a few of the questions the five awesome moms-to-be we talked to for this story have been reckoning with the past nine months—and as editors, bloggers, and entrepreneurs in the fashion and fitness worlds, they’ve come up with at least a few answers that don’t sacrifice style. Below, read about their experiences with shopping and getting dressed while pregnant, and pick up tips on where to find maternity clothes that don’t suck.

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