Found: The Perfect Street-Style-Ready Colored Fur Coat (That’s Not Real, But Looks It!)

Meghan Blalock

faux fur coat

What: A fabulous faux fur coat that features cream-and-white colorblocking and an ultra-thick texture.

Why: Because, while fur is a very classic fabric that gives off an immediate air of glamor, sophistication, and general fabulosity, the environmental impact of its use in fashion has been duly noted. This coat achieves the Holy Grail of fashion: a faux fur coat that looks like real, actual fur.

Unlike many fauxs, which usually end up looking cheap and are noticeably fake, this one—from new Italian luxury brand Ainea—this one somehow manages to replicate the texture of real animal fur to a T. (No one needs to know it’s constructed from 100% Polyester!) Plus, it’s majorly discounted, so that helps.

How: With New York Fashion week just around the corner, we’ve been fantasizing about a perfect new fur for weeks now, and we might have just found it. Throw it over just about any outfit, and you’re set for any scene—and any weather condition.

Ainea faux fur coat, $452; at Luisa Via Roma

faux fur coat 3