Fast Fashion Gone High Fashion: Zara October

Kerry Pieri
Fast Fashion Gone High Fashion: Zara October
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We are avid runway peepers. We love them live, we love them on video, in still images (basically any way we can get them), and it doesn’t get old, it only gets more fun and interesting. We are not, however, the girls that the sales team at major designers are targeting we have no oil money in our families, ties to royalty or Greek shipping heirs to call our beaus. What we do have though is Zara.

The fast fashion mecca from Spain rarely fails in providing runway worthy looks for the masses, and we adore them like Saturday mornings for it. One of the best parts? Zara doesn’t provide a seasonal collection, they update a lookbook monthly. See what’s in store for October, from knits to capes, adorable sweater dresses and maxi skirts don’t consider it inspiration, consider it options.