Fashion’s Night Out: A Car Ride With BCBG’s Max & Lubov Azria

Liz Doupnik

bcbg rs13 03211 Fashions Night Out: A Car Ride With BCBGs Max & Lubov Azria

To describe Fashion’s Night Out as romantic may not be the most expected of declarations. That, however, is exactly what it was last night as we popped in the car with Max and Lubov Azria, the pair behind the BCBGMAZAZRIA empire. Having showed their first of two shows earlier in the day, there was no rest for the two as they not only prepared for their second show, the celebrity adored Herve Leger, but bopped around to multiple appearances for last night’s festivities.

“We just go and go and go,” says Max when we asked him what their secret was to their seemingly never-ending energy. Lubov continues explaining, “We don’t usually do this event so we’re pumped up for it.” The car weaves between Fashion’s Night Out patrons and the two marvel over the participation and the beauty of the city at night.

Having already received high praise for their BCBG show earlier in the day, they still have the next show ahead of them on Saturday. While it may appear to the non-designer a huge challenge to curate two different collections – simultaneously, at that – the two find it natural and even an opportunity for reflection on the other line.

“To be honest,” Lubov reveals, “We have two, very different and amazing teams and both are so creative and a very strong DNA to each brand.” Max jumps into the conversation, highlighting the point that “They are two different girls,” he explains, “An actor can play five different characters, that’s the best answer about design. We can put our mind on a different sort of direction and depending on the day and what that girl is doing.”

Lubov graciously continues to give credit to the teams who work on both lines and reflects on the perks of having two focuses, “For me, it’s a lot of fun, when you see something over and over again in the runway process, you see the same dress six times, for me it’s kind of nice to have a change of scenes where you sober up a little bit and you have a different point of view. It helps create clarity on the other collection.”

With the completely obvious love and adoration between the two, the recipe for success seems to be simply the sharing of minds and collaboration of wonderful teams. Although having a full day of engagements, the two are articulate and even considerate of others. Reflecting on their recent model contest winner, Amanda Hill, and wanting to introduce her to supermodel Chanel Iman who could possibly serve as a mentor.

With their vast experience building brands and businesses, we picked their brains on becoming a designer as well. “I think you have to follow your passion, I think the new generation of kids finishing school think that they’ll be designing right away and the school is not being honest. You don’t design right away. I think my advice is keep at it, as long as you’re doing the right things for career. Find the job that you dreamed about – seek them out – you will see that they love dedicated people. You path your own future.”

“There are a lot of people who have the talent but to listen to the music, to find the girl, to present a full collection takes time,” says Max. “I think that it’s just very hard in the beginning – I don’t know how people do it!” Lubov exclaims.

So, how do they unwind after a busy time? “Make love!” testifies Max. Lubov flashes her beautiful smile, “It’s important when you work hard to have fun.” We left the two, hand in hand, as they entered their Soho boutique amass a line of fans and eager shoppers with the buzz of love in the air.