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Um, What?! There’s Now a Purse That Charges Your Phone

Why didn't we think of this?!
There's Now a Purse That Charges Your Phone


Our lifeline to the world—i.e., our phone—has been extended a fashion lifeline. Behold, the first purse that comes equipped with a built-in, high-capacity battery that can charge your mobile device while you’re on the go.

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The Mighty Purse is a compartmentalized leather wristlet that conveniently fits inside a large bag, but is stylish enough to be worn on its own. At $137.49, it’s a reasonably priced alternative to begging office mates for chargers and/or stealthily plugging your phone into outlets at restaurants and your local coffee shop, not to mention calculating the ‘battery worth’ of calling your friend back.

As retailer Firebox points out on its site, “Smartphone batteries simply cannot go toe-to-toe with the intensity of our desire to answer long calls, take blurry pictures, send hilarious txts and maintain our rambunctious online social presences.” Can we get an amen?

Available in three colors (black, gold, and dark brown), the Mighty Purse has a rechargeable battery of its own that can provide enough juice to sustain two phone refills. There’s also an internal 4-LED indicator to ensure you always know how much battery is remaining. As for the charging extension, it works with all MicroUSB smartphones and iPhones, and gets recharged simply by hooking it up to your computer.

We’ve always felt a real affection for our handbags, but this might bring our love for a bag to a new level …

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