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BLM Supporters, Blackout Day Is A Time To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Where you spend is a big part of how you protest.
STYLECASTER | Blackout Day 2020

You’ve protested, educated yourself, signed petitions, donated funds and  posted on social media—thank you, thank you, thank you, but there’s still plenty more to do. On Tuesday, July 7, known now as Blackout Day 2020, Black Lives Matter supporters are asked to quite literally put their money where their mouths are, by shopping with intention and showing the movement’s economic power. Turns out, where you spend is a big part of how you protest.

If you’re confusing Blackout Day with June’s Blackout Tuesday, allow me to distinguish them from one another. Blackout Tuesday was a day that asked for silence from white allies, so that Black voices could be heard on social media. Today, on Blackout Day, we ask not for silence but for action: For all people, but especially Black people, to shop exclusively from Black-owned brands and businesses and to boycott all other shopping options for the day. USA Today reports that the idea first came from a YouTube video uploaded by Texas-based activist Calvin Martyr, founder of the Blackout Coalition.

Of course, this isn’t to say that non-Black-owned businesses are the enemy, but the point is to showcase the economic power of the Black community and how strong it has continued to grow despite the last few months of injustice and protest. To quote the stats directly from the official Blackout Day site, “Black people alone account for an estimated 1.2 trillion dollars or more of spending in the economy annually. Together we have 3.9 trillion dollars in economic spending power.” Even just one day of not buying from non-Black businesses is noticeable enough to make an impact.

STYLECASTER | retail black employees
Clem Onojeghuo/Unsplash.

“This is only the beginning of a lifelong pursuit of economic empowerment as a reality for ALL BLACK PEOPLE,” the Blackout Day site declares. The point of the day is to convey the message of how powerfully Black people play a role in our American economy; that said, allies are welcome to shop exclusively from Black-owned businesses on Blackout Day, too. Doing so is a welcome way to show your solidarity for the cause.

If you want, you can choose not to shop at all, but ideally you’ll decide to spend your coin with some incredible Black-owned brands. If you’re hoping to discover a new favorite, you can read on for a look at STYLECASTER’s Black-owned business roundups and discover a myriad of incredible companies. Read on for ten categories overflowing with must-shop Black-owned brands below.


1. If You Want To Buy Some Workout Clothes

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Activewear Brands
CultureFit Clothing. ART: Cierra Miller.

Get your fitness on with these 10 Black-Owned fitness apparel brands, including Full Court, CultureFit Clothing and others.


2. If You’re In Need Of A New Night-Out Look

STYLECASTER | black owned fashion brands
Clarke Sanders/Unsplash.

Prepare to drop some serious coin on these 21 Black-owned fashion brands, from Brother Vellies to Cushnie to Christopher John Rogers.


3. If You’re A Die-Hard Etsy Shopper

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops
Candice Luter; Studio nom.

There are tons of unique Black-owned Etsy shops you’re guaranteed to fall in love with, offering everything from home decor to jewelry and. beauty products. Find your new fave!


4. If Your Hair Needs A Little Love

Black-Owned Hair Brands

Pick your poison! Shop a roundup of curly girl-approved Black-owned hair brands like Mielle and TGIN, or check out this lineup of Black-owned wig brands for your next cute-AF unit.


5. If You Want To Redecorate Your Space

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Lifestyle Brands
Chakra Zulu; Kintsugi; BLK MKT Vintage.

Whether you’re looking for decor, linens, candles, flowers or crystals, shop these 10 Black-owned lifestyle businesses from Linoto to Chakra Zulu Crystals.


6. If You’re A Plus-Size Fashionista

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Plus-Size Brands
Zelie for she.

We’d argue that without Black women, plus-size fashion wouldn’t exist, so read up and then shop these 10 amazing Black-owned plus brands.


7. If You Need Another Cloth Face Mask

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Face Mask Businesses

You can always justify a new face mask during a pandemic, so check out these 10 Black-owned face mask businesses.


8. If You’re A Huge Makeup-Lover

Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Embrace your Black Girl Magic with these Black-owned beauty brands, from Fenty (duh) to Juvia’s Place and others.

9. If You’re Seeking Some Wellness Good Vibes

Black Women Skin Care Routines
Getty Images/Allison Kahler.

Check out this story for 12 Black-owned wellness brands, including Ivy’s Tea, Black Girl in Om and others.


10. If You’re On The Hunt For A New Swimsuit

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Swimwear

Browse this selection of 10 Black-owned swimwear brands, including Mint Swim, Nakimuli and more.


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