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How to Wear Your Coat Over Your Shoulders the Blogger-Approved Way

Hint: We're not talking about the drape.
How to Wear You Coat Over Your Shoulders

With the way we’ve neglected them for so long, you’d think the fashion set would be *so* over sleeves: Instead using those that come with our coat, we spend most of 2015 perfecting the “drape”—you know, the pose where your jacket lays just so over your shoulders, with the sleeves delated enough to blow away with any moderate gust of wind. And even though we’ve finally resolved to actually use said sleeves, we’re not totally there—yet.

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Enter, the blogger pose of 2017. You know the one: Unlike the drape, the blogger/influencer/street-style star actually puts her arms through the sleeves, but not all the way (never all the way). Instead, she shows off her bare neck and chest, or the ruffled collar of her shirt, or some detailing near her upper arms by doing the half-take-off. And now that spring’s here, the pose has even graduated into true off-the-shoulder territory, with the jacket often secured off both arms with a button or a tie. The result? The subject comes off equal parts insouciant and stylish—as though the photographer-slash-Instagram-boyfriend had just caught her in the act, so she looked at the camera and said, “Who, me?”

All jokes aside—I’m certainly guilty of it myself—it’s a good technique if you want to show off your shirt but you also don’t want to freeze. But it’s also a tried-and-true winner on the ‘gram: So many of the most-liked pics on my feed employ the trend. Want to get in on the action? Here’s how 19 Instagrammers nailed it.

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