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Your Tuesday Twitter Roundup

Your Tuesday Twitter Roundup

Alright, Twitter-dudes! Here’s what’s going on! Henry Holland is the cutest grumpy man we’ve ever seen, and Rachel Zoe’s assistant lets her hoe-flag fly. Brooke Hogan makes a creepy comment about meat sticks, Tyra Banks overshares, and Aubrey O’Day is, like, way deeper than we thought. Dita von Teese recommends a Twitter-er that might be our new obsession, and Sarah Silverman gives a thumbs up to the new Tarantino film.

RT @henryholland: About to go and be filmed for BBC’s Grouchy Young Men get to spend an afternoon moaning cant wait.

RT @taylorjacobsonn: Nothing looks cheap on me, even when I’m trying to look cheap…cheap and easy

RT @BrookeHogan: Snapping into a slim jim 🙂 never really cared for one, but this one tastes all right ?

RT @tyrabanks: I finished the work I was doing. Workin’ to bring you some fab stuff in September. But my butt is still juicy and round…

RT @AubreyODay: it must suck to be a spider. you spend so much time making webs, & then humans come by in .5 and rip em up. could be an analogy for life???

RT @DitavonTeese: I LOVE @veryshortstory, they are the only tweets I send straight to my Blackberry. It’s brilliant.

RT @VeryShortStory: Dear Roomate, you hurt my feelings. I don’t judge what you eat. Please don’t judge what I eat, life is already hard being a zombie.

RT @SarahKSilverman: Inglorious Basterds just made me smile forever. Quentin Tarantino is righteous and every Jew should write him a thank you note. Here’s mine

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