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Rock Royalty: Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Spring's New Fashion Trends

Ask Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor about her style influences, and her parents are the first names on her list. “I’ve been raiding my mom’s closet since I could reach her drawers,” she laughs.

And with good reason: As the daughter of photographer and TV host Amanda de Cadenet and Duran Duran bassist John Taylor, it would seem that de Cadenet Taylor has been primed for her close-up since birth. (To boost her style pedigree even further, she is also the stepdaughter of The Strokes’ guitarist Nick Valensi and Juicy Couture co-founder Gela Nash-Taylor, respectively.)

De Cadenet Taylor’s stylish teenage years were heavily documented—thanks to Tumblr pages and photographers like The Cobra Snake tracking her every move (and enviable party ensembles), and the 21-year-old shows no sign of slowing down, with spreads in magazines like W and this month’s Harper’s Bazaar, and campaigns from Net-a-Porter to Smashbox under her belt. Needless to say, her next steps in the fashion space—which include a Current/Elliott campaign and shoot for ASOS Magazine—won’t exactly fly under the radar.

While her profile may be rising, this style star certainly isn’t losing her free-spirited attitude in the process. For example, de Cadenet Taylor certainly plays down her busy schedule since moving to New York in January: “I’ve been doing some modeling, some DJing, and just some adventuring.”

Here, the It-girl models some of spring’s new fashion trends—including ladylike dresses to crop tops—from labels like Isabel Marant, Carven, Chloé, and more at the Gramercy Park Hotel, a modern-meets-classic Manhattan institution that mirrors de Cadenet Taylor’s avant garde brand of elegance.

Read on to see what she has to say about her family’s influence on her fashion sense, her love of Biggie Smalls, and the one spring piece she can’t wait to add to her closet.

StyleCaster: You’ve gotten a ton of props for your original style—how would you describe it?

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor: I would describe my personal style as pretty comfortable. It’s all about being comfortable for me. If I feel uncomfortable in what I’m wearing, it kind of changes my whole attitude so I always try and make sure that when I put something on, I feel good—and that can be anything from a crop top to a baggy sweater. I just know that when I put something on and I feel good in it that I like that. That doesn’t mean that I’m specifically drawn to anything. I like to mix it up! But really, I can tell right away when I put something on that I’m going to like it—and if I do, I’m going to wear it until it’s completely destroyed.

How have your fashionable parents influenced your style?

My parents have completely influenced my style. I’ve been raiding my mom’s closet since I could reach her drawers. She has always had the most amazing collection of vintage dresses. I think because I grew up around cool people backstage at shows and everything, it was normal to be wearing vintage T-shirts that you’ve never washed before. We all pass our clothes around as well. I steal my stepdad’s clothes, and we do trades, and I got through my mom’s stuff, and I find my clothes, and I ask, “Where did you get that?!” She’s like, “You can’t take it back!” And I think, “God dammit! If only we had the same shoe size.”

Have you had any recent splurges—and is there anything you’re dying to get?

Right now, I’m really into the Valentino PVC bags that have studs on them. My birthday’s coming up, so I’m trying to plan what I want. I was thinking that I may try and invest in an Alaia piece because that’s something that I don’t have and I think would make a nice addition to my closet.

How does your style change depending on what type of event you are attending?

I think my style doesn’t change that much in terms of where I’m going or what kind of event it is. Since I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to wear high heels and look a little nicer than if I were just walking down the street to get a juice or something like that. I would say all and all, I like to keep it relatively me, whatever that means!

What are your most valued possessions in your closet?

Obviously my jewelry. I would be really upset if I lost any of it because it all has meaning. I get something from my parents for my birthday or for Christmas, and I know exactly when I got each piece.

You’re becoming a popular DJ, having recently played the Kate Young for Target party. What are your go-to songs?

I’m a huge Biggie Smalls fan, so “Hypnotize” is always a good one—you can never go wrong. To be honest, I love some Duran Duran. “Girls on Film” is also a good one. There’s so many that it depends on what I’m feeling. I still get nervous as well, where I’m like, “Is this good?” and sometimes I play things that I wish I didn’t play and then you have to let it go the whole way through. So I’m learning now to just say, “Whatever, it’s all good.”

Photography by Ben Fink Shapiro

Produced by Marni Golden

Styling by Danielle Nachmani at Art Department

Hair by Anthony Nader at Atelier Management

Makeup by Nina Park at Melbourne Artists Management using CHANEL

Art Direction by Jin Pak

Post-Production by: Eyescapes Labs

Location: Gramercy Park Hotel

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