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Every so often, the fashion gods decide to straight-up bless us with some kind of gift we didn’t see coming. In 2006, they brought us a Meryl Streep-helmed film about one of our favorite legacy fashion mags. A few months ago, they brought us a truly perfect Moschino runway show, curated by the one and only Jeremy Scott.

And today, they brought us a surprise collaboration we can’t get enough of; Gucci and Comme des Garçons worked together to design a trendy AF new handbag. And true to form, the internet is practically imploding over the news.

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Fashion die-hards know Gucci and Comme des Garçons (designed by the inimitable Rei Kawakubo) offer wildly different aesthetics—but instead of creating dissonance, this juxtaposition bred sartorial harmony.

The result is a handbag that combines a strictly Comme des Garçons silhouette with iconic Gucci details: a Comme des Garçons-branded paper bag, covered in clear plastic and lined with Gucci’s go-to red and green stripe.


What’s so astounding isn’t that the bag speaks to both designers’ aesthetics—it’s that it does so while feeling distinctly contemporary. The paper bag core speaks to our collective shift to minimalism; the shiny clear shell pays homage to this year’s lucite trend; and the branding (both the words and the stripe) evoke logomania, the flashiest trend du jour (or frankly, trend d’année).

The Gucci and Comme des Garçons handbag is basically 2018 encapsulated in a single, trendy accessory—delivered to us from two fashion greats. And if that isn’t enough to make you want to buy the damn thing, I don’t know what is.

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Pricing information on the Gucci and Comme des Garçons bag has yet to be released. What we do know, though, is that the piece is exclusively available at the Comme des Garçons store in Tokyo’s Dover Street Market Ginza for the time-being.

International release is expected next Thursday, December 6, so you’ll have to spend the next week and a half drooling over photos of this thing before you can actually get your hands on it. That said, once you do, you’ll be able to carry it everywhere—the colors are totally holiday appropriate, after all.

All we can say for now is: Thank you, fashion gods. We look forward to seeing what else you have in store for us—hyper-affordable designer duds, we hope?

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