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Links to Click: Beyoncé vs. Rihanna, a Drag Queen Christmas Parade, More

Plus more of the day's most entertaining news!
Beyoncé vs. Rihanna, Drag Queen Christmas Parade in Bama, More

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Merry almost-Christmas! Here’s what had us entertained on this, our last official day of work before the holiday week. Enjoy!

1. Here is an incredibly detailed description of what went down in the pit at Beyoncé’s concert in Brooklyn this weekend, including a heated debate between her Bey Hive and the Rihanna Navy. [Gawker]

2. A small town in Alabama accidentally hired a group of drag queens to dance in their Christmas parade. The resulting “outrage” is hysterical. [Progressive Populist]

3. Once you’re done opening presents and reveling by the open fire, what should you do with the main event? Here are 10 ideas for how to recycle your Christmas tree. [The Vivant]

4. For some reason, the connection has just now been made between Prince George’s baptism clothes and that absurd tiered dress Lady Gaga wore that one time. [MTV]

5. Sienna Miller, Ciara, Beyoncé, and more. Here are the best celebrity makeovers of 2013. [Daily Makeover]

6. LOL. Here’s all the failed fast food menu items that probably should have never existed in the first place. [Jezebel]

7. Drudged from the dredges, the debate over whether or not “Mean Girls” is a feminist film is back in full force. [The Cut]

8. Did your faves make it? Here are the best red carpet hair and makeup looks of 2013. [Beauty High]

9. Apparently, Brian Lichtenberg has designed “Homiés” stockings. [Instagram]

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