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How To Make Your Waist Look Smaller: 10 Easy Tricks That Really Work

And guess what? Not every tip involves a belt.
How To Make Your Waist Look Smaller

Whether you’re statuesque, petite, plus size, or simply average, most women want to know the secrets to whittling their waistlines without going on a diet. And while your shapewear can easily give the illusion of a tinier midsection, there are many other fashionable options readily available to make you look slimmer with minimal effort.


“A flattering belt is, of course, a great way to ‘mark’ the waist, but even without belts, women can use fashion to make their waists smaller,” explains Sharon Graubard, SVP of Creative Services at trend forecasting site Stylesight. “We’re also seeing the return of Dior’s 1947 “New Look,” which was all about small, natural shoulders, a slim-fitting top, and a full, voluminous skirt that hits around mid-calf. Hourglass or belted jackets are part of this look.”

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Whether you indulged in too much Halloween candy or you’re swimming in never-ending layers to stay warm during those suddenly brisk afternoons, you can still show off a runway-ready figure this holiday season. Several stylists gave FOX News Magazine their secrets on how to hide a dreaded bulge while looking and feeling your very best.

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1. High-waisted bottoms
Try high-waisted bottoms, including jeans, trousers and skirts. “These pieces tend to sit at the best spot on your waist and cinch in your waist, causing it to look smaller,” says celebrity stylist Ali Levine. “They’re not only great to make your waist look smaller, but they’ll also help you keep up with the fashion trends for the fall and winter months.” To avoid appearing frumpy, tuck in a fitted top, and add heels to make your legs appear longer and leaner.

2. Don’t hibernate in your clothes
There’s no denying that the freezing winter months will make you want to hibernate under layers of wool, but this can easily make you appear up to several pounds heavier. What to do? “When wearing bulky clothing, like a sweater, always wear it true to size to fit your figure,” says celebrity stylist Anthony Henderson.

“Never wear several thick layers unless you’re going to Alaska. When the weather is slightly warmer, wear several thin layers instead.” When it comes to your coat, look for one that features a belt to better cinch your waist, creating an hourglass figure without compromising on warmth. “Burberry does it best when it comes to rocking a fabulous look for the fall and winter with a smaller waistline,” says Henderson.

kate winslet looks thin in color block stella mccartney dress

3. Use slimming side panels
A dress that gives you a slimmer figure? This is no fashion myth, but rather a super-stylish reality that’s on trend and flatters everyone. “The most fashionable way to create a smaller waist is to wear clothing that has black or navy panel sides,” explains model and fashion expert Jaimie Hilfiger. “It will create a beautiful illusion for your waist.

Stella McCartney started this trend a few seasons ago and her dresses sold out immediately. Everyone from celebrities to the average working woman are still wearing this look and it continues to be sought after.”

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4. Wrap it up
There’s a reason why designer Diane Von Furstenberg’s classic wrap dress never goes out of style. “Any woman can wear the easy wrap dress — and dresses that accent the middle are a good way to make the waist look smaller,” says Graubard. Stylists say the wrap dress is a coveted fashion trick to make any star’s midsection appear tinier.  One featuring a fun pattern will also take attention away from the areas you’re looking to conceal.

To ensure that your dress won’t show every lump and bump, make sure it’s the right size and the fabric is high quality — anything thin and flimsy will reveal unwanted lumps and bumps, which is why many stick to the DVF original!

5. Go retro
Another dress that can instantly trim inches? The classic fit-and-flare style. “These are dresses with a slim top that slopes into a gently flared skirt,” explains Graubard. “It’s often seamed at the waist to achieve its signature shape.”

To make your waist appear smaller, you can also add on a belt, but take caution. “Sometimes a thicker belt will make your waist look larger, so be sure to pick the best width for your body type,” warns Levine. To find out whether a skinny or wider belt will suit your dress, simply snap a photo of yourself modeling both. You’ll then be able to determine which one you believe flatters the most. And if you need a second (or third) opinion, send both images to your closest friends before making a grand debut.

To read the other 5 smart ways to make your waist look smaller, head over to FOX News Magazine now! 

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