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Kim Kardashian’s Latex Look Will Be Headlining At Coachella, So Get Ready

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STYLECASTER | Kim Kardashian Latex Look
The Mega Agency.

If you’re attending Coachella (or any music festival in general) you’ll know that the clock is ticking to find the perfect outfits. In times like these, I look to celebs to get inspired. I’ve been feeling a little lost on how to contribute to the festival fashion scene, but the second Kim Kardashian’s latex look hit the red carpet, outfit ideas started to finally form. Suddenly, Kim Kardashian is headlining Coachella fashion. 

Whether you’ve been plotting outfits for months or have yet to pack your weekend bag, you’ve probably noticed that creating Instagram-worthy ensembles is proving more difficult than usual this year. Since the festival hasn’t happened since 2019, we’re majorly lacking a general consensus on this year’s outfit vibe. 

Chain bralettes, flower crowns and sheer maxi skirts seem like ancient artifacts from Coachella’s past, but they are also our most recent reference point. Since 2019, we’ve seen the rise of cowboy boots, corset tops and SKIMS (yep, the brand hadn’t even launched yet last Coachella season). Kim Kardashian has quite literally been creating the trends herself so it’s safe to say that I trust her judgment. 

I predict that the elevated simplicity of the SKIMS aesthetic will be the basis of festival fashion this year. Kim Kardashian’s personal red carpet style is a heightened version of the SKIMS brand—but instead of matching loungewear sets, she’s wearing a skin-tight dress custom-made by Thierry Mugler. 

It may have been hard to pay attention to Kim Kardashian’s silver latex look at the premiere of Kardashians because she was smitten with her date Pete Davidson. If you were able to look past their adorable interactions, you would’ve noticed Kardashian’s windswept updo, asymmetrical dress and coiled statement necklace. The look is edgy and sleek without trying too hard to be trendy—and that is the Coachella vibe I’ve been searching for. 

STYLECASTER | Kim Kardashian Latex Look
The Mega Agency.

Now before you say that wearing head-to-toe latex in the California desert heat is a terrible idea let me set the record straight and say that I agree. Full latex is a commitment and should be saved for the headliners after the sun goes down. Like most things, latex is great in moderation. A simple latex bra top with a micro-mini skirt is perfect for daytime artists and pictures under the Ferris wheel. 

STYLECASTER | Kim Kardashian Latex Look
The Mega Agency.

To elevate your look, focus on Kim Kardashian’s accessories styling. Her coiled choker is unique and honestly looks like a piece of art. She completed the look with coiled bangles on both wrists and matching earrings. Kim Kardashian wears latex a lot but the reason this look stands out from the rest is because of the accessories (I hope you’re taking notes!). Her accessories would look just as amazing with a white tank and baggy denim shorts—a combo you probably already have in your closet. 

By pairing standout accessories with a simple outfit, you’re able to casually create a statement and an individual festival fashion vibe. Plus, you’ll be comfortable all day and can easily switch out pieces to create a nighttime look. With Kim Kardashian as my guide, I can confidently say that simple staples and standout accessories is the formula to make Coachella’s best-dressed list. 

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