Fashion Yoga Poses by the Always-Fabulous Sew Sketchy

Fashion Yoga Poses by the Always-Fabulous Sew Sketchy
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If there’s one sport that the fashion savvy can get down with, it’s yoga. We’re masters of the peaceful child’s pose, we excel at sitting in one place and breathing deeply, and who doesn’t love a good nap-inducing shavasana?

Okay fine, we aren’t exactly experts, but there’s credit in trying. That’s why we perked up when our guest editor—the fabulously chic animated persona Sew Sketchy—wanted to lend her expertise in the athletic art by sharing a few of her custom yoga poses crafted especially for the style set.  Follow her through moves like her body-lengthening Kim Kardashian inspired “Selfie” pose and the glute-challenging “Front Row” stance, and you’ll be toned and tightened before you can say namaste.

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The "Anna Wintour" Pose
Vogue's Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour is probably the first name that comes to mind when you think "fashion," so obviously she inspired a staple fashion yoga pose. Capture your best Anna by sitting in a standard crossed-legged meditation position, engaged your core and sit up straight, and fold your arms in front of you. Show no emotion and breathe steadily. Feel free to wear your biggest, darkest Chanel sunglasses to achieve the full effect. And smiling is strictly forbidden.

The "Kim Kardashian Selfie"

No one works harder on her body or her image than Kim, who inspired the second pose in our fashion yoga series, the Selfie.  Place yourself in Warrior Pose—a deep front lunge with your front toes pointing forward and your back toes pointing to the side. Then, with your phone in hand with the self-taking lens on (of course), stretch your arm high above you to the left with a slight downward tilt, to show off your most flattering angle. Give your best Kim K. pout and Tyra Banks smize, stick a filter on that bad boy, and post it on Instagram. Voila, a solid workout.

The "Victoria's Secret Angel"

To nail this position, start out in Hands to Heart Pose by sticking out your right leg and engaging muscles from the top of your thigh to your toe, resting into your left hip.  Top it off by giving your best Victoria's Secret model runway kiss. Beach waves and spray tans optional.

The "Angelina Jolie"

Fashion yoga wouldn't be complete without a full-on Angelina leg moment.  Start with your feet together in parallel, put your hands on your hips, and then engage your entire right leg and thrust it our to the right, landing on the very ball of your toe with knee slightly bent.  The beauty of this pose is that while you're executing it, you're toning and tightening the leg that you also happen to be showing off.

The "Front Row"

If you want to start getting into the more advanced yoga poses, this one's for you. Imagine sitting front row at New York Fashion Week, squeezed in, standing tall, crossed legs, and polite applause. Position yourself in Garurasana (aka the Eagle Pose) by taking your left leg, folding it over your right leg, and bending your knees as if you were sitting in a chair. Keep your back straight and engage your core for perfect alignment.  Then, in polite applause, place your palms together, and breathe.

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