Cupcakes, Smoothies, and Cookies: Here’s What 12 Fashion Insiders Snack on During NYFW

Cupcakes, Smoothies, and Cookies: Here’s What 12 Fashion Insiders Snack on During NYFW
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Fashion Week is nothing if not busyfor models booked to walk in back-to-back shows, and the editors and photographers running from venue to venue, there isn’t much time to stop, rest, and eat for the style set during NYFW.

So we wanted to know, what are the healthy (or, um, terribly unhealthy) snacks that those in the front row and models clocking up catwalk miles rely on when fashion month kicks off? You can call us nosey, but we bet you’re just as intrigued.

Click through the gallery to see what 12 fashion insiders fueling up with this Fashion Week.

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Greta Varlese, model: I really care about my skin, but I’m so unhealthy and I love pizza and lasagne. I try to eat more fruit and salad as a snack. By like 10 am I usually eat a banana or an apple, and in the afternoon again between lunch and dinner. 

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Ysaunny Brito, model: "I like cakes. I don’t drink coffee, so I need something to pump me up because I’m always sleepy during the day when I have a lot of shows or am doing a lot of castings. So I eat a bit of sugar and then I can work."

Photo: Sugar and Charm

Martha Hunt, model: "Probably a smoothie from Juice Generation."

Photo: Move, Nourish, Believe

Garance Doré, illustrator, photographer, and writer: “Oatmeal, fruit, and almonds. Trying to be healthy!”

Photo: Move, Nourish, Believe

Tracy Taylor, Senior Style Editor for Net-a-Porter: “My go-to snack during NYFW is fresh pressed green juice. It's quick, easy and gives me enough fuel to keep me feeling satisfied while I’m on the go."

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Maja Brodin, model: “Bars, just granola bars. I love nuts so nuts and something with chocolate.”

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Pauline Hoarau, model: During shows I don’t usually have anything on me, but I might have an apple or a Kind bar. I make homemade oatmeal cookies so if I have room in my bag I bring those.

Photo: Love and Lemons

Margherita Missoni, fashion designer and street style star: "My go-to Fashion Week snack is almonds."


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Julia Van Os, model: "I always bring little bags of nuts, because they fill you up and it's really easy to take with you. So that's always in my bag during Fashion Week."

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Riley Montana, model: "Trail mix with nuts. I love that because it gives me protein and energy and stuff. And water! My other snacks are bad for you though, so I don’t know if I want to tell the people the other snacks that I have.”

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Dasha Maletina, model: I always have water with me, and some snacks like a chocolate or granola. 

Photo: Move, Nourish, Believe

Ana Cristina, model: "There are these little matcha parfaits that you can get from Juice Press. They’re so, so good. It’s this blended matcha with chia seed. It has a lot of really good antioxidants in it and then the chia seeds have all the nutrients in them that you need for the day. Just really tasty, really fresh, and light. It’s easy to grab one and run out."


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