21 Genius Fashion Tutorials From YouTube

Close your eyes and try to picture a time before a site existed that housed millions of videos showing you how to do, well, pretty much anything. We’re talking, of course, about YouTube, and the instant knowledge it grants users looking to learn. While it’s obviously an amazing tool to school you on how to change a tire, how to play a C chord, or how to chop veggies, it also comes in handy when you’re looking for style-related how-tos, as well.

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From how to properly clean an expensive Chanel bag, to how to fold a shirt in under two seconds, here are 21 brilliant fashion and styling videos from youTube!

How to cuff your jeans 5 different ways

How to hide bows on hi-top sneakers 

How to clean and maintain a Chanel bag

How to fold a short-sleeve shirt in under two seconds 

How to lace Converse the right way 

How to cuff your shirt sleeves the J. Crew way

How to fix zippers that won’t stay up

How to stretch shoes at home

How to find the right glasses for your face shape

How to hem pants using fabric tape and an iron

How to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag

How to get shot by a street style photographer 

How to organize your closet in 5 easy steps

How to (really) look taller using fashion

How to tie a turband in 3 chic ways

How to wear a scarf in 25 ways

How to make chevron friendship bracelets

How to distress boyfriend jeans the right way

How to stop angora sweaters from shedding

How to remove yellow deodorant stains from clothes

How to make your own graphic tees