Seattle designer, Lizzie Parker wax axed during Week 3 of NBC's "Fashion Star" following a summer trends challenge.

Fashion Star Week 3: Seattle Granola Goes Down

Summer K

OK, I made a vow last week that if Fashion Star didn’t pull out all the stops this time around we were breaking up. And while there were certainly a number of bells and whistles, it’s just not enough to keep this dedicated fashion reality TV fan engaged.

It certainly did begin with a bang in the form of a carnival-like performance from LMFAO. OK, I get it. They had a hit song a few months ago, but in counting their camera time by the minutes, I realized just how much back story was being taken away from the designers during those precious moments. At this point, I don’t really care about them, I’m not invested in any of them winning — which is a shame since I think a few like Orly and Nzimiro REALLY want this badly and have been humbled by the response that they’ve gotten from the buyers.

Anyway, this challenge was all about playing with summer trends and creating three ready-to-wear options. Again, Orly and Nzimiro got props for thinking out of the box and both got buyers behind them (with Orly scoring 120K from Saks for her dresses), while other favorites started to get a little big for their britches. I seriously wanted to slap Sarah’s face when she started whining backstage about how she hoped someone other then H&M would pick her this time (which they did, so get over yourself, girl). Seriously? You’re a struggling designer getting national TV recognition and your stuff is being sold in a major retail outlet across America and that’s a problem why? It’s this kind of ego that’s brought down a lesser designer on Project Runway. Win a pass on elimination from the next challenge, phone it in, then find out you’ve lost your momentum (trust me, I’ve seen it happen).

Meanwhile, Ross, Kara and Nikki also got their pieces snapped up this week, while Barbara “my stuff is old lady tired” Bates, Ronnie, Lizzie, Luciana¬† and Edmond all got a serious pass. When it came down to the final three, Edmond got a save from the mentors while Seattle granola girl/metal head Lizzie was kicked to the curb for her roller derby/rock n’ roll style dresses.

I don’t blame the buyers for their decisions (most are spot-on), nor do I think the mentors aren’t entertaining (because trust me, I’ll take John Varvatos, Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson any way I can get them). My biggest issue with Fashion Star is this; it’s all style and no substance. Nikki’s jumpsuits didn’t fit perfectly — why? Orly’s family was there– how come we didn’t get more info on how they’ve supported her? Kara was a closeted lesbian schoolteacher before she came to the show — what’s been the response from her former students and coworkers since she’s appeared?¬† It’s this kind of info that makes people like me cheer a designer on. And it’s this VERY reason that Project Runway‘s Mondo Guerra was such a fan favorite. Being clued into the fact that his family didn’t know he was HIV positive and finally sharing that with us and them made him even more endearing as we watched him turn his struggles into a personal triumph.

Sorry Fashion Star, but at this point we’re better off as just friends. While I promise to check in with you from time to time, I can’t dedicate one night a week anymore to a show that’s more invested in the catwalk than the clothing AND the designers themselves. Let’s hug it out, kay?