We've created a list of fashion photographers you need to follow on Twitter.

14 Cool Fashion Photographers You Should Follow on Twitter

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14 Cool Fashion Photographers You Should Follow on Twitter
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In many cases, Twitter has become a mecca for spewing whatever comes to people’s minds. The downside to Twitter is that everyone has one; the upside is that everyone has one. So, we’ve put together a list of fashion photographers that you should be following.

Definitely take advantage of the fact that people over share on Twitter by following someone worthwhile. You’ll get a chance to see candid pics when they tweet from cool events or just share images from a day in their life (I live vicariously through famous peoples twitpics, who doesn’t?!). Our list includes controversial photographers, the man behind Purple Magazine, a fashion media genius, and some New York based photographers you may not know, but will instantly enjoy following.

Check out our list and see if your favorite photographer made it!

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Photographers to follow on Twitter.

Rankin - @rankinphoto, @RankinLive

Co-founder of Dazed & Confused, creator of Rank and publisher of Another Magazine, AnotherMan, and Hunger Rankin has one serious resume. But, he's first and foremost a photographer. He's shot everyone from Kate Moss to Tony Blair and recently shot the video for Azealia Banks' "Liquorice".

Photo: www.fashion.net/

Bruce Weber - @Bruce_Weber 

Bruce Weber was catapulted into fame after his iconic Calvin Klein images made him a household name. He shoots in color every once in a while, but is know for his black and white images. He's shot campaign ads for Gianni Versace, Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch. Plus, his work has been in Interview Magazine, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone.

Photo: www.wmagazine.com/

Terry Richardson - @Terry_World

Controversy surrounds Terry Richardson and while his reputation clouds his work, if you actually take a look at more than one image you'll see that the guy has talent.

Photo: www.popspoken.com/

Hedi Slimane - @hedislimanetwit

Now the creative director of YSL, he also served as menswear designer for Dior, Hedi Slimane's talents stretch beyond designing clothing and into photography. Take a look at his photo blog, Hedi Slimane Diary, and you'll see why people love him.

Photo: www.forthosewhonotice.com/

Inez & Vinoodh - @inezandvinoodh

This duo seemed to take the fashion world by storm. They've reinvigorated the industry and built an amazing archive of work. Inez does most of the tweeting and the pictures she shares makes it feel like followers are getting an intimate look into her life.

Photo: Inez/

Olivier Zahm - @olivierzahm, @purplediary

Editor-in-chief of Purple, model, and photographer it seems that Olivier Zahm is a triple threat. Zahm is also an art curator and has put together exhibitions for MoMA, PS1 and Centre Pompidou.

Photo: tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/

David LaChapelle - @LaChapelleland

Known for combining hyper-realistic images with social messages, LaChapelle initially got his start as a photographer at Interview Magazine when Andy Warhol discovered his work. Needless to say, his star continued to rise and now he's a household name.

Photo: www.fashiontrendsetter.com/

Mert and Marcus - @MertMarcus

Another duo that took the fashion world by storm, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot are known for their use of digital manipulation. Their style makes them popular among brands looking to convey a message of style and perfection.

Photo: www.graememitchell.com/

Ben Watts - @WattsUpPhoto

He may be the brother of Naomi Watts, but Ben doesn't need to ride his sister's coattails to make a name for himself. He's established himself as an amazing photographer and his resume is one to envy.

Photo: Ben Watts/

Bon Duke - @bondukestudio

He may not be a household name yet, but we've got mad love for this Brooklynite here at StyleCaster. You may even recall seeing Bon Duke in our "Infinite Possibilities" editorial with Sebastian Professional, or checking out the short fashion film he did for us called Jive! Jive! Jive! back in 2010.

Photo: www.bonduke.com/

Stewart Shining - @stewartshining

This New York City based photographer has an even bigger heart to match his amazing talent. He shoots regularly for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, has shot for Vanity Fair and Vogue, and worked on campaigns for J. Crew and Ralph Lauren. Not only does he serve on the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, but takes photographs for the Heart Gallery of New Jersey to help kids find adoptive parents.

Photo: Instagram/

Nick Knight - @SHOWstudio

Nick Knight is the genius behind SHOWstudio and if you thought we'd forget him on this list, then you're crazy. His commitment to changing fashion media and his talent has garnered him a massive following.

Photo: Instagram/

David Bailey - @baileyquotes

Regarded as one of the best British photographers, Bailey began shooting for British Vogue in 1960, just in time to capture and create the ''Swinging London'' of the 60s. His first Vogue photo shoot was with the iconic Jean Shrimpton.

Photo: ww3.tvo.org/

Nicholas Routzen - @NicholasRoutzen

This Brooklyn-based photographer has shot for a number of amazing publications and brands. His passion comes through in his work and his candid twitpics give you a glimpse into his awesome adventures.

Photo: Nicholas Routzen/

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