Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker On How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Spencer Cain

Fact: These days, it’s pretty much impossible to log onto Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and not see a continuous stream of “selfies.”

A selfie, of course, is merely a cute keyword for a photo that you take of yourself—and while sometimes they come out adorable, more often than not they’re disastrous.

At last night’s premiere for Oxygen’s new modeling competition series “The Face,” we caught up with the show’s host (and “America’s Next Top Model” alum) Nigel Barker, an established fashion photographer, who shared the ingredients of a perfect selfie with us.

“There’s no end to people taking pictures of themselves today. The best pictures of anybody show when their true personality comes through. If someone’s looking at a picture and they’re like, ‘You know what? That’s you!’ then that’s a successful selfie. If you take a picture, and you’re over-glamorized, or your friends don’t like you in it, but you think you look good in it—that’s a failure in my opinion,” he said.

There you have it, folks! You don’t have to stop posing ridiculously in front of the mirror and posting it online, as long as it shows your true personality.

Tell us—what’s your selfie strategy?