5 Cool Ways to Use Fashion Items as Home Decor

Leah Bourne

Your favorite fashion items don’t have to be relegated to the confines of your closet, as some of the most fashionable decor enthusiasts are using apparel and accessories as decor elements in their homes.

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For instance, Tamara Mellon, the co-founder of Jimmy Choo and now the founder of her own namesake label, displays some of her favorite shoes as mini works of art in her living room. Similarly, fashion blogger Kelly Framel behind The Glamourai has a dress form beside her bed, where she shows off some of her favorite fashion items.

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The best part about using fashion items to decorate with? In most cases you won’t have to go out and buy anything new to get the look, rather just re-think how you’re displaying everything from your scarves to your handbag collection. Here, our top tips for how to incorporate fashion items into your home decor.

1. Frame scarves to create unique art pieces.

You don’t have to go out and splurge on pricey art to have items to decorate your walls with. We love the idea of framing scarves to create works of art. So whether it is your grandmother’s Hermès scarf, something gorgeous you found browsing through bins at  a Paris flea market, or just your favorite go-to that has begun to fray, framed scarves look great everywhere from over the mantle to hung over a bed.

2. Display your shoes in plexiglass boxes as sculptural works of art.

Decorator Martyn Bullard was behind the remodel of fashion mogul Tamara Mellon’s New York City apartment, and the result (pictured above) is pretty spectacular. One of our favorite elements are the shoes on display in plexiglass containers alongside Mellon’s collection of coffee table books and other knickknacks. Even if you don’t put your shoes in transparent boxes as Mellon has, steal the look, placing some of your favorite heels in places in your home as if they were mini sculptures.

3. Create a wall of jewelry.

The gallery wall trend is a huge one, but why not create a wall of jewelry, which will solve two problems in one—keeping your jewelry organized and untangled, and decorating your walls. We love the idea of using picture frames with the glass removed to get the look.

4. Decorate with dress forms (and dress them up).

Alongside fashion blogger Kelly Framel of The Glamourai’s bed is a dress form, which she has styled to fit perfectly alongside her Southwest inspired decor. The great thing about this idea? Easily decorate the dress form to match your own decor style—whether it veers towards Hollywood glamour or 1960s mod.

5. Show off your favorite pieces.

You don’t have to stuff all of your clothing into drawers or your closet—leave some of your favorite pieces, especially items that you find yourself wearing constantly, out. Song of Style’s Aimee Song for instance keeps a slip hung on her headboard. Have a gorgeous gown that you want to show off? Hang it on a hook outside your closet door, or on a wall.