8 Fashion Inventions We’re (So!) Thankful For

Julie Gerstein

This is the time of year to give thanks for all the big and little kindnesses that have come our way, and all the people in our lives who’ve made a difference. But that’s not all.

Since this is StyleCaster, we’ve got quite a few fashion-related things we’re quite thankful for, too. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t give praise to some of our favorite fashion inventions — the money, clothing, and embarrassment-saving devices that have helped us out of a jam, or generally improved our lives simply by existing. Read on for our eight favorites, and share yours in the comments.

71xVI3HAh0L._SL1500_1. Hollywood Secrets Double Stick Fashion Tape Sticks ($10.99): Oh Lord, what would we do without this magical creation? Fashion tape makes sure everything stays where it needs to when we’re wearing skimpy things.

remington 8 Fashion Inventions Were (So!) Thankful For

2. Remington Battery Operated Fabric Shaver ($8.95): Just because your sweaters get pilly and fuzzy, doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them! A sweater shaver can work wonders to restore them back to health.


3. Huggable Hangers  ($9.99 for a 10-pack): New  York City apartments are notoriously tiny, so you can imagine how dreadfully small the closets are. Thankfully, there’s Huggable Hangers — we really couldn’t fit anything in our closets without these ultra-slim, ultra-light-weight hangers.


4. Bra Strap Concealers ($1.89): If you wear a lot of criss-crossed strapped tanks, or simply have bra straps that are constantly falling down, you’re going to want these bra strap concealers to help keep everything in place.

FP052_BlackIris_KillerKushionzTriplePack_400x3505. Foot Petals  (Various prices): Sure, taken in the abstract, they look weird, but we basically wouldn’t be able to walk in some of our favorite high heels without the comforting support of Foot Petals’ various and sundry helpful foot products. They’ve basically revolutionized the foot comfort game, and for that, we are forever grateful.


6. Miss Oops Chicken Cutlets ($16.41): While the name might make us squirm, small-breasted girls everywhere surely appreciate these awesome non-surgical chest-enchancing silicon bra inserts.

bbc 015 1z 8 Fashion Inventions Were (So!) Thankful For

7. Braza Silicone Gel Petals ($7.99)These soft reusable silicon sticky pads are especially great in the summer when you’re wearing backless blouses.

michark kors heels 8 Fashion Inventions Were (So!) Thankful For
8. Platform heels.
Short ladies can put on a pair of platforms and instantly grow five inches. Short dudes? No such luck.

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