10 Surprising Fashion Insiders Who Have Kids

Fashion insiders lead fabulous lives even when they’re not in the spotlight doing what they get paid to do—be it modeling, designing, consulting, or helping pinpoint the most cutting-edge trends as editors. Since they’re not Hollywood celebrities, we don’t quite get the same window into their private lives since paparazzi aren’t hounding them (unless you count street style photographers paparazzi), so few know that these ladies actually have lives outside of attending fashion shows or strutting their stuff on the streets.

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With Mother’s Day fast approaching (it’s this Sunday, in case you need to pick up a last minute gift!), we decided to spotlight some surprising industry insiders who have way more important gigs than their chic day jobs: Being moms.

From one of the world’s most beloved street style stars to a super-stylish social fixture, click through the slideshow above for a look at famous fashion folks you probably didn’t know had children (and here’s wishing them a happy Mother’s Day!)