Meet Fashion Grandpas, Instagram’s Newest Street Style Sensation

While most street style bait can be found during New York Fashion Week or on downtown sidewalks, 23-year-old fashion publicist Christina Belchere decided to focus her camera on a different sartorial set: grandpas. Which brings us to @FashionGrandpas, her unique streetwear feed bringing us photos of the charmingly dapper older gentlemen of New York.

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The idea to document stylish older men was an organic one for Belchere. “One day I was walking down Park near 57th and it felt like the first day of spring—it was also just raining fashion grandpas like I had never seen, it was surreal.” Uptown is where Belchere typically spots the most stylish subjects, often snapping what she calls #BigFish (an amazingly dressed grandpa who took a great shot) and #heknows (a grandpa who might know how stylish he is, in a cheeky way) for her Instagram feed.

So, what exactly does it take for a gentleman of a certain age to become a fashion grandpa? “[His] best accessory is the beautiful aging shown on wrinkles on his face, salt and pepper beard, and perhaps the way their mouth always tends to be hanging halfway open,” Belchere said.

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Unlike other street style photographers, Belchere doesn’t seek out a statement shoe or an “It” bag, but rather focuses on natty bow ties, pocket scarves, suspenders and round spectacles. “Suited and bow tie grandpas, layered look grandpas, and urban street wear grandpas” are all @fashiongrandpa worthy,” she said.

fashion grandpa

Not surprisingly, Belchere is drawn to this particular set because she feels their aesthetic reflects her own personal style. “My style is definitely androgynous and classic with some modern and or feminine accents,” she says, admitting she’s always dressed “grandpa.” “I would definitely wear a tux to a wedding instead of a dress,” she admits.

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As for why the fashion set is embracing an older generation? “Their age and their impeccable style makes them look like they have an amazing story to tell about what they’ve seen and where they’ve been and where they’re going. The catch is that’s so endearing is [they don’t]  know how stylish they are, and how all of the [young hipsters] are buying marked up look-alikes of their jackets and prescription glasses.”

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Check out a few dapper Fashion Grandpas below, and be sure to follow them all at @FashionGrandpas!

fashiongrandpas stylecaster fashiongrandpas stylecaster fashiongrandpas stylecaster

fashiongrandpas stylecaster

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