15 Ridiculous But Totally Relatable #FashionGirlProblems

Sarah Barnes

Chances are, you’ve probably encountered someone who just didn’t get how you feel about fashion at some point in your life. Maybe you’ve been criticized for limping around in your painful but totally amazing stilettos or called out sick so you could go to that sample sale. Either way, it’s important to realize you’re not alone, as evidenced by the always-trending social media hashtag, #fashiongirlproblems.

As you’re aware, hashtags are one of the best ways to get support from like-minded individuals, including those who suffer from sartorial issues. Here, we scoured Twitter and came up with 15 ridiculous but totally relatable #fashiongirlproblems. Read on and let us know which ones you identify with most!


1. When Santa clearly didn’t get the memo.

2. Financial obligations coming between you and a hot pink fur sweater.

3. Men who simply don’t understanding what we actually want.

4.   The struggle of going to the bathroom when you’re wearing a jumpsuit.

5.  Packing.

6.   The extreme turmoil that comes from having to clean out your closet.

7. Getting through airport security.

8. Auto-correct.

9. Dresses that are completely on trend, but impossible to maneuver in.

10. Jewelry that is completely on trend, but impossible to do anything while wearing.

11. The beauty faux-pas not many people understand.

12. Having to constantly remind yourself that pain is beauty.

13. Cashmere death by dryer.

14. Having to wait until Wednesday for StyleChat.

15. When you come to the pain-staking realization that heels were not the right choice.