Fashion Folks Are Already Experimenting with Vine, Twitter’s New Video Platform

Perrie Samotin

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 1.09.14 PM

Another day, another new piece of technology to keep up with. The latest: Twitter’s new GIF-like looping video platform, Vine.

According to Mashable, the platform’s barely been out for 24 hours, but it’s caught the attention of a few fashion brands and publications (us, included!). Urban Outfitters has already created two Vines, and Lucky Magazine tweeted about experimenting with the app.

The platform’s pretty cool and, unlike GIFs, Vines are enabled to record ambient sound, but don’t expect to create a full-scale production—Vines have a six-second limit. While anyone with the app can create videos and post to Twitter instantly, they won’t be able to share them on Facebook anytime soon.

According to tech blog All Things D, users get an an error message when they try to connect to the mega social network, furthering the mini-war between Facebook and Twitter since the latter acquired Vine last year. This means that while Facebook might be the place to go share social images—especially since the whole Instagram acquisition kerfuffle, which hinders Twitter users from seeing ‘gram pics in their feed—Twitter might emerge as the go-to to create, view, and share fun videos.

At any rate, we foresee more fashion folks jumping on the Vine bandwagon, especially labels who want to showcase a few, say, bags they’ve just got in stock.

Check out Vine here!