Brush Up On Your Style Vocabulary With These Fashion Flashcards

Brush Up On Your Style Vocabulary With These Fashion Flashcards
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Stumbling into the fashion industry via my personal creative work has been pretty confusing to me, but since joining the StyleCaster Creators program I’ve been pretty excited to immerse myself in it. But even though I work in a creative field (and my girlfriend runs a fashion site—shout out to The Style Line), I often have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to fashion terminology. So, to help me gain some actual knowledge and insight into the fashion we came up with the idea to create fashion flash cards.

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As I started to brush up on my style vocabulary, I actually learned that some names have real historical significance. You might know that boleros actually derive from the jackets Spanish bullfighters used to wear, and that the bateau shirt was originally worn by sailors, but I had no idea.

So, whether you’re a veritable fashion dictionary or a little clueless like me, check out these flashcards to learn a little something about what we’re all wearing.

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