I’m Basically a Dupe PhD — But I Had No Clue About These Until TikTok Showed Me

Mia Maguire
I’m Basically a Dupe PhD — But I Had No Clue About These Until TikTok Showed Me
Photo: Courtesy of Adobe.

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If you’ve found yourself slow becoming low-key addicted to TikTok over the past year, you’re definitely not alone. Sure, it may have taken me nearly an entire year just to figure out just exactly what the app was—let alone how to actually navigate through the platform’s endless content —- but alas, I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. Look, I may not be posting any content of my own on TikTok, but I’ve finally mastered the app just enough to discover all the latest Internet trends, hacks, and of course, my favorite thing ever, money-saving fashion dupes for luxe counterparts.

Let’s be real here—I’ve been in love with the idea of dupes and cheaper alternatives to pricey products way before the app was probably even conceptualized by its founders, but I ~will~ admit that TikTok and its many thrift influencers have definitely taught this O.G. a thing or two.

TBH, while I tend to think my wallet has suffered immensely thanks to the brilliant product discoveries and genius hacks I’ve stumbled upon on TikTok—color me #Influenced — on the other hand, I’ve probably saved a lot of money too by finding budget-friendly alternatives to fancy products I may have (very guiltily, I might add) paid full price for.

While I’m usually on the hunt for beauty and fragrance dupes, I’ve noticed tons of fashion and clothing lookalikes popping up on my discovery page as of late. Before I dive into my favorites, however, let’s get one thing out of the way: I am in no way, shape, or form, promoting counterfeit replicas — because I’ve come to realize that’s a big content category on the app, too.

am, however, interested in continuing my ongoing treasure hunt to track down designer and cult-favorite-inspired items that cost a little less money than the originals do. With that being said, some of these items I’ve outlined here may not parallel the premium quality, detailed tailoring, or even exact design as their higher-end counterparts, which is why I will link to the original for each dupe mentioned. Okay, now that my rant and disclosures are over, scroll through below to check out my favorite fashion and style dupes that I would’ve never come across without good old TikTok.

STYLECASTER | TikTok Fashion dupes

Courtesy of Revolve.

Agolde Criss Cross Upsized Jeans

This Instagram-famous crisscrossed hem denim style has taken over social media this season, and style-savvy TikTokers have found the look for less.

STYLECASTER | TikTok Fashion Dupes

Courtesy of Princess Polly.

Princess Polly Holly Asymmetric Straight-Leg Jeans

Similar to the Agolde style, these TikToker-approved crisscross hem jeans also feature a vintage-inspired straight leg.

STYLECASTER | TikTok Fashion Dupes

Courtesy of Net-a-Porter.

Jennifer Fisher Kevin Huggies Hoop Earrings

Leave it to sartorial goddess Hailey Bieber to make literally anything she’s spotted wearing a viral trends (and usually a perpetually out-of-stock trend). The model has been spotted in the luxe Jennifer Fisher Samira hoops dozens of times, (linked below is the Kevin style, since her exact pair is of course, sold out) so it didn’t take long for TikTokers and beloved Bieber fans to find a cheaper look-alike.


STYLECASTER | TikTok Fashion Dupes

Courtesy of Pavoi.

Pavoi 14K Gold Colored Lightweight Chunky Open Hoops

These best-selling and top-rated golden hoops are basically a 1:1 match to Hailey’s favorite pair. According to TikToker Emily Berrol, the $14 dupes are super lightweight, chic, and did not turn her “green.” Countless reviews seem to share the same seal approval too. “These are the absolute perfect size and really go well with other earrings in my other ear piercings all paired together. Tik Tok sent me here :),” says one reviewer.

STYLECASTER | TikTok Fashion Dupes

Courtesy of lirika Matoshi.

Lirika Matoshi Strawberry Dress

This Instagram-viral strawberry dress basically took social media by storm since it’s dropped, and while nothing is going to compare to the superior craftsmanship you’ll get from investing in the real deal, we suggest supporting handmade vendors on Etsy as opposed to mass-produced replicas that you can find on Amazon. This Etsy dupe gets better reviews too.

STYLECASTER | TikTok Fashion Dupes

Courtesy of Etsy/KoomStudio.

Koom Studio Tulle Strawberry Sequin Maxi Dress

It’s 100 percent spot-on to Matoshi’s masterpiece of a midi dress, but it does come close, and the quality of this frock is much better than the cheaper ones you’ll find elsewhere — just check out the stellar reviews.

STYLECASTER | TikTok Fashion Dupes

Courtesy of Lululemon.

Lululemon Athletica Align Pants

I am loyal Lulu fan, and while I totally find it worth the splurge to get my authentic Aligns (I also love the Wunder Under leggings too), I have to admit that when I stumbled upon the Amazon leggings in the image below, I was pretty taken aback. I mean, they even have the exact same colorways.


STYLECASTER | TikTok Fashion Dupes

Courtesy of Colorfulkoala.

Colorfulkoala Buttery Soft High Waisted Yoga Pants 

Featuring an extra-high waistband with tummy control and specialized gusset to prevent the dreaded camel-toe situation, these Align dupes are almost a spot-on match. If you don’t want to take my word (or TikTok’s word, for that matter) just browse the over 18,000 glowing customer reviews touting their ultra-flattering design and high-performance, squat-proof fabrication.

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